Sunday, April 24, 2011

Love Thyself

Friday night Camo-Man went out on a date night/assistant Easter Bunny run. We finished our shopping quickly and decided to get a small appetizer before heading to see "The Lincoln Lawyer" starring the hot Matthew McConaughey. 

While seated at our table, Camo-Man and I did some people watching. The band was setting up. People were laughing, chatting, visiting with one another when I suddenly felt very much in the minority. Not because I was the only woman. Not because my skin was a different color or I was the only Christian in the room. However, I was definitely a minority.

I was one of the only people in the room who didn't need to lose 100 or more pounds. 

Do I have weight to lose? YES. 

What I don't understand is how people let their health spiral out of control! How do people continue to eat fried food, processed food, food loaded with additives and not notice how it affects their health??? You can't tell me these people are happy. 

I'm not trying to be judgmental. I'm just confused by a society which says being overweight and/or obese is OK. Since when does convenience become more important than our health? The risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes. 


No. It's not. Love yourself enough to stop the madness and take control of your life and health. Please. Love yourself enough to make yourself a priority. Which is more convenient? Fast food or health issues which brings you to the hospital in your golden years.


  1. I'm a big people watcher so I often have the same is motivating to me in my struggle to educate my children about what is healthy instead of giving in to what it is easy.

  2. Yes and unfortunately today I haven't exactly been a great role model either. :(

  3. When doing my own assistant Easter bunny running, I realized that Easter is the holiday with the treats that tempt me the most, I'm so glad it's over, get that stuff out of the stores!!

  4. I would like to meet the person who introduced candy into Easter in a dark alley.