Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Race Calendar

My race calendar is pretty slim so far this year. Gee, I don't know why I'm only doing an Ironman this year. Yep, that's my "A" Race. 

Indy Mini-Marathon May 5, 2012
I'm officially registered for the Indy Mini-Marathon (13.1) in May. I've done this race for the past two years and I've really enjoyed it. The course is great and they have tons of bands and entertainment groups lining the race course to keep you distracted as you race crawl by. Here's a picture of the starting line. Yes, it is crazy. Last year I started with Camo-Man in Corral Q because he didn't have a previous half-marathon time. It took us almost 20 minutes to get to the actual starting line. However, look out for clothes tossed on the road. They can trip you up. Just ask Camo-Man. 

Ironman Louisville August 26, 2012
I'm also officially registered for IM-LOU. AHHHH! How did that happen? Yes, it still seems unreal. Probably because it's still 8 months away and I haven't hit the major grind yet on my training. If I come out of the Ohio River alive, I'll be smiling from ear to ear. I don't care that I still have a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run to complete. I'll be happy that I've jumped over that major hurdle. 

As a side note, I do have a dear friend known as Captain Bill who is a professional life coach. He's watching my completely mental postings on Facebook regarding my fear of the swim. He had me name my saboteur, or my negative voice. I called him Diablo. I'm supposed to work on covering Diablo's pie hole with duct tape so I can block out his negative energy. Next I need to name my cheerleader. So I can give her a voice which can be heard loud and clear.

Anyway, back to my race calendar. I haven't registered yet for the Tremont Triathlon. I am going to register soon, but if I don't get in I'll just offer to help and do a long bike ride that afternoon. 

Camo-Man reserved a 3-bedroom suite last week for Orlando in November. It looks like I pressured him into the Wine & Dine Festival/Half-Marathon Weekend again. YAYAYAYAY! I'm so excited. I love Disney. I love, love, love the food & wine festival. I didn't love the half marathon the first time I did it, but maybe this year with all of my training I won't feel quite so stiff and will be able to enjoy the after party. The half marathon is on Saturday, November 10th, and starts at 10 pm.

I've also thought about:
Delavan Frostbite Classic - half marathon on March 25, 2012
Capital City Biathlon - 3.1 mile run followed by 15 mile bike on May 26, 2012. I would love to do this one and then ride my bike back to Tremont, but my Princess also will be playing in a softball tournament that day. So we'll have to see. 
Ironman 70.3 Muncie - Half Ironman in Muncie on July 7th. 

Unfortunately, two vacation are hitting during 4 very busy race weekends. So I won't be able to do some of the races I wanted to do. Oh well. Again, it comes back to my A race. Being prepared for Louisville. That is the end goal. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Workout Report 1/23/12

Last week my exercise focus changed a bit. I launched ZUMBA on January 16th, Pump 80 on January 23rd and spent most of the week trying to learn Body Flow 55 for launch on January 31st. So my workout points for the week are a little bit different. 

Monday: On the trainer around 5:30 am to get in my 60 minutes from the Beginner Triathlete Winter Bike Program. I taught PUMP & ZUMBA as usual and played volleyball Monday night. Yep, busy, active day. Love it!

Tuesday: I taught Flow and then went right to the pool to get in 1650 yards with the Legend. I broke down my swim into smaller sets. I did 2 sets of 50, 1 each of 100, 200, 350, 400 & 500. By the time I finished I felt accomplished and under control. No more mental episodes.  I came home to have lunch and then get on the treadmill. I wanted to do 3 miles in order to keep my weekly mileage low and to make sure I didn't flare up into a full blown case of plantar fascitis. I only did one mile though. (Yes, quite sad.) But our furnace was stuck on and wouldn't shut off and I jumped on the treadmill right after lunch which meant I had to stop and pee - and NO I'm not peeing myself during training. NOPE. Not doing it. Especially in my own house on my own treadmill. Yah, that would be gross. 

Wednesday: I tried to get up early to get my trainer ride done before sunrise, but I had a cute precious Princess who claimed she had been awake since 3:30 am come to snuggle with me. Instead I got the ride done after the girls went to school. I spent the day with friends scrapbooking...er, if you could call it that. I spent the day talking about sports volleyball, basketball and even the school budget. Oh well. It was a much needed day spent with fantastic friends. I taught PUMP & FLOW that night. FULL HOUSE DURING PUMP. Our aerobics room is small. We had 13 people in there and two people who didn't get in the class because it was packed. 

Thursday: I taught PUMP and came home to jump on the hamster wheel. 3.35 miles done! Don't ask me why I don't round off to nice pretty numbers like 3.0 or even 5k (3.1 miles). I just have to be different. 

Friday: Up early for my trainer ride. I taught FLOW and boy did it feel good. I felt all of the tension release from my body from teaching back to back PUMP classes. For some reason, I really didn't have the gumption to get up and go, but I had my bag packed and the plan said SWIM. So I was going to swim. I made it inside the doors of the Riverplex only to discover my brand new pass I purchased on Tuesday was missing. Now a swim punch pass is $50 for 10 swims. Fairly reasonable especially when you consider all of the hours the lap pool is available for my use. However, a one day pass is $7 and I NEVER carry cash. So I turned around and walked back out of the Riverplex. Did I feel guilty? Maybe slightly, but considering my motivation was low I honestly didn't care. I taught ZUMBA that evening. I'm still having good numbers: 27 people for a 5:30 pm ZUMBA class. Who would have thought? 

Saturday: Rest day. I wasn't feeling too bad and thought I might run later that night since Camo-Man was going to be hunting. I had a busy day with volleyball and basketball games with my kiddos.  After the games, I went out to eat with friends at The Ironstone Room. The food was delicious and Mr. Muscle bought a bottle of wine for us to share with dinner.  I definitely had my share of the wine. There went the treadmill run.

Sunday: Since yesterday became my rest day, there was no resting today. After Diva Princess's last basketball game, I came home to the treadmill. 5.2 miles of nice easy running to make sure I didn't push my tendons too much. By the time I was done I was feeling great! My pace wasn't fast, but my form was nice and relaxed.

As a side note, I did lose one pound this week which surprised me since I had been having carb cravings all week. I'm still struggling with when to check my blood sugars since my day consists of eat, workout and repeat. The good doc suggested checking after workouts. to make sure I was not trending down, but with my past trends that hasn't been an issue. I'm going to work on checking my blood sugars this week. 

Have a great, healthy and very happy week !

Menu Plan Monday

It's Menu Plan Monday. I'm trying to get back into the swing of being a "stay at home mom" (who works out all day long). So the crock pot is definitely going to be a very good friend of mine for a while. 208 days til IM-Louisville! 

Monday: Sweet & Sour Meatballs with whole wheat pasta. I've renamed Monday "Meatball Monday". It just seems we have this recipe quite often on Mondays. Now that I'm teaching ZUMBA at 4:30 on Monday nights it's a quick, easy recipe for my daughters to make and have ready by the time I get home from class.

Tuesday: Ham & Bean Soup We had a ham in the freezer from a band fundraiser last year. It was definitely time to cook it up and enjoy. I'll probably have a few recipes over the next week or two with leftover ham. 

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken with rice & broccoli. ** New Recipe **

Thursday: Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas ** New Recipe **

Friday: Leftover Buffet

Saturday: Grilled Summer Sausage with sweet potato fries and baked zucchini chips. The baked zucchini chips will be a new recipe, but I'm sure I will love them. Probably not my two picky eaters. 

Sunday: Healthier General Tsao's Chicken ** New Recipe **

Monday, January 23, 2012

Listen to Your Body

I'm a firm believer in listening to your body. If you don't, who will? I'm not talking about the "Oh I'm tired I'm going to skip my workout" kind of listening. That's BS and we all know it. I'm talking about listening to your body, protecting it, nurturing it so you can perform when you call upon your body to push to the next level. 

Listen.....Your body is telling you something. 
I had 20 miles planned for last week. 5 miles each Tuesday & Thursday with a long run of 10 miles on Saturday, but my body - or my specifically my heels - said "WHOA!". On Friday I started feeling little prickles on my heels and even along the bottom of my right foot. With so many runners getting plantar fascitis, I decided to back off my 10 mile run on Saturday. It wasn't me being a woosy. It was me listening to my body and saying I don't need to do 10 miles today. Ironman Louisville is still 8 months away. My game plan is to prepare for a half marathon in March, but if I don't make it so be it. I'd rather be injury free and strong instead of sitting on the sidelines not getting the preparation completed for IMLOU. 

So my workout plan for the week was modified and I'm fine with that. I've been stretching my lower leg muscles and pressing them on the roller in order to prevent any further progression. Hopefully, I stopped in time to reduce the affects of PF, or maybe it's my mind getting ahead of me. I had the nagging fear that I had ramped up my miles too quickly and maybe this is my way of compensating. No matter what I feel good that I backed out of Saturdays run. I even think I'm going to make this week a little lighter as well to make sure my plantar fascia doesn't rebel yet still. 

This week's workouts? Still solid. 
Monday: A light day in order to make sure I was ready for my very first ZUMBA class. I taught PUMP in the morning and ZUMBA in the afternoon. I only had one lady pissed and walked out of my ZUMBA class. So I'll call it a success. 

Tuesday: I taught Body Flow first thing in the morning. I love that class! It's such a nice balance to all of my other workouts.  5.2 miles on the treadmill consisting of a 10-20 minute warm up, 6x800 (1:30 RI), 10 minute cool down. 

Wednesday: Started off the day with a 60 minute trainer ride following the Winter Bike Plan on Beginner Triathlete, followed by a cat nap after lunch, and then off to the pool. I taught PUMP that night as well. Bohyah! Nice workout day. 

Thursday: I taught PUMP again in the morning. Man, this back to back PUMP is killing me! Followed by 5.2 miles on the dreadmill at mid-tempo pace.

Friday: Body Flow to start the day....ahhh, sweetness. It really loosens up the body and releases all of that tension followed by another swim, and 60 minutes on the trainer and another ZUMBA class. No one mad, but someone who thought I was teaching wrong and should be showing all of the moves before each song. Whaaaa? And bring down everyone's heart rate? No, I don't think so. 

Saturday: I was hoping to join the BOYS for a long trainer ride, but I got a desperate call from another instructor about teaching Body Flow in Saturday morning. So, twist my arm, ok! I was supposed to do my 10 mile long run today, but decided to be cautious and got on the trainer instead for my 3rd trainer ride of the week for another 100 minutes. 

All in all not a bad week. Listening to  your body is key though. You want to remain injury free so you can accomplish the END GOAL (i.e. Ironman Louisville), not the goal of the moment. I know it can be hard to pull back when you are ready to push forward, but listen to your body. It will tell you when to push and when to be safe. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A day of memories

My brother-in-law, Steve, with
his precious family
Today is the perfect day to sit at home wrapped up in memories thinking of loved ones we have lost and those who are left to grieve. Some memories run deep but are slowly healing by the 20 years which have passed since an exploding boiler took my brother-in-law's life. 

Some memories are fresh, but I think of a young man with his impish grin accompanied by his constant companion, our beautiful lifeguard. 

Remembering the moments, though brief, when they touched our lives. 

Please don't fry Paula Deen

Last week comfort food queen, Paula Deen, announced she was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes three years ago. The not surprising announcement came out this week as she began promoting a diabetes drug, Victoza

I do not know Paula Deen. I do not know much about her cooking style. I simply know that she is a celebrity cook and after reading many, many blog posts about her, I discovered that she invented the Krispy Kreme Burger. Have you looked at that thing? Oh my. 

I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in May of 2008. A day I'll never forget. I was devastated. I felt as if this diagnosis had shortened my life by 25 years. In tears, I called Camo-Man. In my mind, I was preparing him for becoming a widower early. With the exception of a dear friend who is a registered dietitian, I told no one else for a week. I needed time to process my emotions. 

What would I have done if I was Paula Deen? Forget that fact that she has a cooking show promoting Southern Comfort food. She's a woman who was dealt a blow no matter how you look at it. I cannot blame her for keeping it quiet while she processed the prognosis and found her diabetic path. 

However.... Anthony Bourdain said it best in August of 2011 when discussing Paula Deen:
"The worst, most dangerous person to America is clearly Paula Deen. She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she's proud of the fact that her food is f---ing bad for you. If I were on at seven at night and loved by millions of people at every age, I would think twice before telling an already obese nation that it's OK to eat food that is killing us. Plus, her food sucks."

Point Bourdain. However, Deen claims she's always promoted moderation. Again, I do not know. I don't watch the cooking channel. Ask Camo-Man, he'll be glad to tell you I can't cook. 

Eva & William Moore
However, I will note again that Type II Diabetes while labeled a disease of choice is not a choice for me. I did not choose this. Type II Diabetes can be caused by various combinations of family history, obesity, inactivity and age. I've never been obese. I've never been inactive. Oh my, I am getting older (darn it!), but yes, Type II Diabetes does run in my family and it runs deep. As the family genealogist, I know. My great-grandfather, William Mose Moore, was a Type II Diabetic who used to sneak ice cream behind my great-grandmother's back. My grandmother, Gladys Moore Cronister, was a Type II Diabetic who needed my mother, another Type II diabetic, to give her insulin shots. 

I do not claim to be perfect. My eating habits were horrible as a youth. However, I have amended my youthful ways - even before being diagnosed. Can I blame Paula Deen for keeping her diagnosis a secret for 3 years? No. She didn't choose diabetes. I don't know anyone who would. I can only hope that by having another diabetic bring her diagnosis to light it will help educate the world on Type II Diabetes and help us all to learn more about this disease. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sharing the Love

It's never a dull day when you are training for an Ironman. Lots of work, sweat and sometimes tears. 

My morning started early with a trainer ride at 5:50 am. That should read 5:30 am, but someone had a hard time getting her warm, comfy a$$ out of the bed today. Those first few minutes on the trainer are tough until you get the blood moving and the legs loosened up. Today's workout was a progressive workout starting with 75% effort increasing by 5% every 5 minutes and then bringing it back down. I tried and I tried but I couldn't get my legs moving fast enough to take on the 100% effort. Hmmmm. Must try harder!

I sent the kids off to school and I went to "work". How can I call it work when I enjoy it so much? Friday mornings mean Body Flow. My class was a little small today, but it worked to my advantage. We got into a huge discussion about nutrition due to a couple of the ladies gaining small amounts of weight in the Transforming Tremont competition. Yes, losing weight comes down to calories in vs. calories out, but there is so much more involved in it.

As a Type II Diabetic, I am constantly worrying about blood sugar levels and I believe EVERYONE should be concerned about it. Pairing protein (and eating it first) followed by a small amount carbs allows your blood sugar level to remain stable and prevents huge spikes. So many people today eat carbs without the protein to balance it out. The other issues we debated was the intake of water and sodium. A lot much has been written about the amount of water we need to drink daily. I'll just say this. I don't measure the amount of water I drink on a regular basis. I simply pay attention to how my body feels when I drink water instead of diet soda or even my morning hot tea. The pure, clean (hopefully) fluids really make me feel better. I feel as if I'm doing something right for my body when I drink water. I do tend to drink less water in the winter because I like it ICE COLD and let's face it: It's cold enough in Central Illinois. So drinking water in the winter is a major concern for me, but I try to constantly have a drink by my side to keep my body nice and hydrated. 

After Body Flow, I met Mr. Muscle & one of the Intimidators for a swim. Yes, it was time to face the demon and face him with a SMILE! On the way to the pool, one of the Intimidators said, 
"Yah I always hope when I get there that I'll realize I forgot my goggles and I'll have to go back home."
Wait a minute? Was he inside my head? That's how I feel....like every time I go swimming. Why is this sport so hard? I think it's because you are alone with your thoughts. When you are swimming, you are not able to hold a conversation with your workout partner. You just have to go. 

I started my swim with a nice relaxing 100 yard warm up followed by 2 sets of 500. My goal was to focus on relaxing my body and paying attention to my breath. Just this morning I read an article about triathletes who lift their head out of the water causing drag. They suggested keeping your head in line with your body as it rotates to the side leaving one goggle in the water so you are not lifting your head. I started my first set of 500 and again I had the negative thoughts invading, "Why are you doing this? Let's face it. Swimming sucks." So on and so on. At the end of my first 500, I took a 1 minute break and re-focused. Relaxed strokes. Breathe. That's all. 

The 2nd 500? A-PIECE-OF-CAKE. Seriously. I did the 2nd 500 and thought why was I so worked up about this? It's because of the distance. It's because I still don't feel confident in the swim even though I know I could swim 1600 yards continuous. It's because I'm a mental freak!

After the 2nd 500, I decided my triathlete ADD needed to kick in and I started working on speed work. I did 25 yards as quick as my little arms would take me counting strokes the whole time, 15 seconds rest, 25 yards back. After my 50 yards of "speed", I did 50 yards working on bilateral breathing...and then back to speed work back and forth. After my final lap of bilateral breathing, I slowed down for a 100 yard cool down just focusing on relaxing my body again enjoying the nice long glide as my arm reached out. Total: 1500 yards. 

Fear? I have no fear. The swim is mine. Until I face it again next Tuesday. I mean seriously. I think this is going to be a full 8 month battle. 

I am home now. Refueled. Resting. One last workout today...ZUMBA! Of course, I may need a nap in there, too!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some days you are the windshield....

Some days you are the bug. 

Today I was the bug, only I visualized myself at the bottom of the Riverplex pool instead of against the windshield. 

I constantly find myself wondering when the swim will become my friend. Then I hear the answer NEVER. 

I went to the pool today with the PLAN of doing my warm up, 1000 yards continuous and then finish off with an additional 600 yards. The plan got thrown out the window within my first 400 yards. Let me back up. I think it got thrown out the window when I drove to the Riverplex.

I am a firm believer that how you approach things, your mindset, will affect the outcome. I went to the pool filled with dread. I knew my last swim on Friday wasn't stellar. My confidence of a couple of weeks ago was shattered. 

So, yes, my plan was derailed by my attitude. I did my warm up and then started toward my goal of 1000 yards. In the first 300 yards, I heard a voice in my head screaming, "Why did you sign up for Ironman? You are going to drown!"  Nice, huh? Reassuring? Not quite. 

I paused at the end of the pool to gather my mental strength again. Once again the doubts came barging in within a few more laps. What was the deal?  

I finally finished my first 1000 yards and I suddenly turned the corner. Only 600 yards left. It is amazing to me how much better I felt knowing I was on the downhill. 

I decided I need to break any further long swims down into smaller chunks. Yes, the goal is 1600 yards, but mentally I need to call it 4x400 without a break. Maybe that will help.

Here's hoping. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

All work, No Play

Since I just signed up for IMLOU last Tuesday, I guess you could technically call this my first week of Ironman training and it has been a long one. I guess that's a sign of what is yet to come. 

My typical day:

  • Wake up
  • Breakfast
  • Get kids ready for school and drop off Princess
  • Teach group fitness
  • Work on ZUMBA (launch is Monday YAY!)
  • Complete my first IM workout
  • Lunch
  • Complete my second IM workout
  • Shower
  • Kids come home from school
  • Snack
  • Run to kids' evening activities
  • Some time in there find time for dinner 
You would think that with all of my working out the pounds would be dropping off of me; however, I hear Jillian Michaels' voice ringing in my head. I need to eat a lot more food in order to make that happen. I'm hoping to spend sometime today "REST DAY" (do you hear the angels singing?) working on my nutrition plan for the week. The last ten pounds have got to come off before summer. 

Here  is my actual workout report for last week:
Monday: PUMP (8:30 am), worked on ZUMBA (9:30 am), 60 minute trainer ride following the Winter Bike Plan from Beginner Triathlete (1  pm), adult volleyball (7 pm)

Tuesday: FLOW (8:30 am), interval run 10-20 min warm-up, 2x1200 @6:32 pace <2:00 RI>, 4x800 @4:18 pace <2:00 RI>, 10 min cool down (10-20 min warm-up, 2x1200 @6:32 pace <2:00 RI>, 4x800 @4:18 pace <2:00 RI>, 10 min cool down) (11 am), Swim 2x800 (1 pm)

Wednesday: Gave a practice ZUMBA class (10 am), 90 minute trainer ride (2 pm), FLOW & PUMP followed by more ZUMBA (am I obsessing too much?)

Thursday: PUMP (8:30 am), 2 hour nap (2 pm), Run on treadmill (1 mi easy, 2 miles @ mid-tempo pace, 1 mile easy, 2 miles at mid-tempo pace, 1 mile easy) (7pm)

Friday: FLOW (8:30 am), 40 minute trainer ride (10:45 am), 1000 yard swim

Saturday: PUMP (9 am), 8 mile treadmill run (11:30 am)

Sunday: Grateful for rest day. I thought about working on ZUMBA again tonight, but as of now I am going to take the rest day and thoroughly enjoy it. 

As much as I am eating, I definitely need to up my calorie intake. I need to find ways to increase my caloric intake without adding too many carbs and balancing my nutritional needs. I'm going to review my "Making the Cut" book by Jillian Michaels and see if my hero can help me out here. 

I am also a firm believer in listening to your body. On Thursday, I was so tired I decided to  lay down for a catnap which turned into a two hour nap. Obviously, my body needed the rest. So I don't feel guilty about it at all. 

On Friday,  my plan was to do another set of 2x800 at the pool; however, when I got there, I just couldn't get my body into a nice freestyle groove. Instead I worked on speed drills (counting strokes for each 25 yards) and using the breast stroke to site where I'm at in the pool. 

Listen to your body. It's key. If you don't, you may end up with an injury which will set you back several weeks. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marketing vs Nutrition Labels

It's time we start paying attention to our food labels. This video is over 7 minutes long, but well worth it when you learn about the way food companies try to sell you on their "healthy" foods...made from artificial colors, hydrogenated oils and liquid sugars. It's time to take a stand and ask "Where are the blueberries?" 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I did it. I belong in the looney bin. Yes, yes, I do. I am just crazy enough to NOT be able to walk away from a challenge.

Monday night I came home and decided I would see if my nerve would hold out when I tried to get through the registration process. I entered my name, age, contact info, emergency contact info (PLEASE I hope they don't need to use it!) and.....

** List athletic achievements & background (what?)
** Significant personal achievements (really? Can I list NONE?)
** Why are you registering for this event? (Cause I.M.STUPID)
** Please share significant information about your training or participation. (Insert cricket sounds)

At 10 pm at night, I did not have the creativity to complete these questions...and I was a chicken. So I exited the registration form.

My Facebook status:

Why does WTC make registration do hard? Name, age, contact info should be all that's needed but NO! This is for an Ironman. We want to know your life story do we can add dramatic music & have Bob Costas add dramatic pauses to your story. Too tired to be creative - click

Tuesday afternoon....I hear a voice coming from deep inside my head....Carla....you've been talking the talk, can you walk the walk?

What do you know? About 10  minutes later after bullshiting my way through my significant achievements,

I tried to call Camo-Man to see if he would talk me out of it, but he didn't answer the phone! So I guess I had no choice but to hit . WHAT WAS I THINKING????

Registration Details
Confirmation #:

D-Day is now 227 days away.....I better go get on my trainer!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Workout Plan for 1/9/12

This will be another crazy week as I study, study, study, work, work, work to prepare for launching ZUMBA next Monday!

The plan for the week:
Monday: PUMP, ZUMBA, Trainer Ride, Adult Volleyball
Tuesday: FLOW, Swim 2x800, Run
Wednesday: ZUMBA, Trainer Ride, FLOW, PUMP
Thursday: PUMP, Run
Friday: FLOW, Trainer Ride, Swim 2x800
Saturday: Run 8 miles
Sunday: Glorious Day of rest, maybe a little ZUMBA because I'm sure I'll be freaking out about launch  MONDAY!!!

I'm using the Run Less, Run Faster half marathon training plans for my runs. So I'll have to look up what I'm supposed to be doing this week and gitter done. I'm following the Beginner Triathlete Winter Bike Training Plan for the bike and just praying and slugging it out in the swim. So far so good. It's slowly starting to come together as I adjust my schedule to make sure I can handle all of the training I will be doing for the next several months.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Workout Report

The Tremont Triathlon Team  is having a point challenge to help members become accountable for working out through the long winter months. Here is how it is structured: 

Run - 1pt for each mile
- (Brick-run that starts within 10min of an outside bike ride) - 2pts for each mile

Bike - (Outside) - 1pt for each 5 miles
- (Trainer) - 1pt for each 10 minutes

Swim - (Pool) - 1pt for getting to pool and getting into the water
- (Pool) 1pt for each 300 yards
- (Open Water) 1pt for each 200 yards (2 pts per lap @ Windemere)

Other Cardio (P90x, Gym Class, or similar) - 15min = 1pt

My week is as follows:
Sunday: Rest day after my 7 mile run Saturday
Monday: Bike trainer for 55 min <5>, practiced ZUMBA ALL DAY LONG, but only took credit for 1 hour <4>.
Tuesday: Ran 4.55 miles on the treadmill at a pace which made me want to PUKE <4>, ZUMBA another hour<4>
Wednesday: A great big confidence builder day. I actually swam 1 mile in the pool.....in 2 sets of 800, but really the break was small and I felt great!!! Score a big one for me<6>, PUMP <4>
Thursday: ZUMBA for most of the day AGAIN <4>
Friday: Bike trainer for 60 minutes <6>, ZUMBA, yes again! <4>
Saturday: A crazy, crazy day. I taught PUMP first thing in the morning <4>. I came home for a snack to head out for my 7 mile run only to get sideswiped by a dear friend who came into to town. So I cut my run to 3 miles so I could meet her for lunch instead <3>. I thought I was doing a ZUMBA Jam session all afternoon, but I had the wrong date! Otherwise I would have saved the run for after lunch and completed the full 7 miles, but instead I showed up at the gym and  was told I was out of my fricking mind!!!
Sunday: ZUMBA Jam Session - 3 hours of dancing and learning new choreography, but at least I feel good about launching next week! <8>

Totals for the week: BIKE = 17, Swim = 6, Run: 7, Other Cardio: 32====> 62 for week 1!!!