Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Workout Report

The Tremont Triathlon Team  is having a point challenge to help members become accountable for working out through the long winter months. Here is how it is structured: 

Run - 1pt for each mile
- (Brick-run that starts within 10min of an outside bike ride) - 2pts for each mile

Bike - (Outside) - 1pt for each 5 miles
- (Trainer) - 1pt for each 10 minutes

Swim - (Pool) - 1pt for getting to pool and getting into the water
- (Pool) 1pt for each 300 yards
- (Open Water) 1pt for each 200 yards (2 pts per lap @ Windemere)

Other Cardio (P90x, Gym Class, or similar) - 15min = 1pt

My week is as follows:
Sunday: Rest day after my 7 mile run Saturday
Monday: Bike trainer for 55 min <5>, practiced ZUMBA ALL DAY LONG, but only took credit for 1 hour <4>.
Tuesday: Ran 4.55 miles on the treadmill at a pace which made me want to PUKE <4>, ZUMBA another hour<4>
Wednesday: A great big confidence builder day. I actually swam 1 mile in the 2 sets of 800, but really the break was small and I felt great!!! Score a big one for me<6>, PUMP <4>
Thursday: ZUMBA for most of the day AGAIN <4>
Friday: Bike trainer for 60 minutes <6>, ZUMBA, yes again! <4>
Saturday: A crazy, crazy day. I taught PUMP first thing in the morning <4>. I came home for a snack to head out for my 7 mile run only to get sideswiped by a dear friend who came into to town. So I cut my run to 3 miles so I could meet her for lunch instead <3>. I thought I was doing a ZUMBA Jam session all afternoon, but I had the wrong date! Otherwise I would have saved the run for after lunch and completed the full 7 miles, but instead I showed up at the gym and  was told I was out of my fricking mind!!!
Sunday: ZUMBA Jam Session - 3 hours of dancing and learning new choreography, but at least I feel good about launching next week! <8>

Totals for the week: BIKE = 17, Swim = 6, Run: 7, Other Cardio: 32====> 62 for week 1!!!

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