Monday, January 30, 2012

Workout Report 1/23/12

Last week my exercise focus changed a bit. I launched ZUMBA on January 16th, Pump 80 on January 23rd and spent most of the week trying to learn Body Flow 55 for launch on January 31st. So my workout points for the week are a little bit different. 

Monday: On the trainer around 5:30 am to get in my 60 minutes from the Beginner Triathlete Winter Bike Program. I taught PUMP & ZUMBA as usual and played volleyball Monday night. Yep, busy, active day. Love it!

Tuesday: I taught Flow and then went right to the pool to get in 1650 yards with the Legend. I broke down my swim into smaller sets. I did 2 sets of 50, 1 each of 100, 200, 350, 400 & 500. By the time I finished I felt accomplished and under control. No more mental episodes.  I came home to have lunch and then get on the treadmill. I wanted to do 3 miles in order to keep my weekly mileage low and to make sure I didn't flare up into a full blown case of plantar fascitis. I only did one mile though. (Yes, quite sad.) But our furnace was stuck on and wouldn't shut off and I jumped on the treadmill right after lunch which meant I had to stop and pee - and NO I'm not peeing myself during training. NOPE. Not doing it. Especially in my own house on my own treadmill. Yah, that would be gross. 

Wednesday: I tried to get up early to get my trainer ride done before sunrise, but I had a cute precious Princess who claimed she had been awake since 3:30 am come to snuggle with me. Instead I got the ride done after the girls went to school. I spent the day with friends, if you could call it that. I spent the day talking about sports volleyball, basketball and even the school budget. Oh well. It was a much needed day spent with fantastic friends. I taught PUMP & FLOW that night. FULL HOUSE DURING PUMP. Our aerobics room is small. We had 13 people in there and two people who didn't get in the class because it was packed. 

Thursday: I taught PUMP and came home to jump on the hamster wheel. 3.35 miles done! Don't ask me why I don't round off to nice pretty numbers like 3.0 or even 5k (3.1 miles). I just have to be different. 

Friday: Up early for my trainer ride. I taught FLOW and boy did it feel good. I felt all of the tension release from my body from teaching back to back PUMP classes. For some reason, I really didn't have the gumption to get up and go, but I had my bag packed and the plan said SWIM. So I was going to swim. I made it inside the doors of the Riverplex only to discover my brand new pass I purchased on Tuesday was missing. Now a swim punch pass is $50 for 10 swims. Fairly reasonable especially when you consider all of the hours the lap pool is available for my use. However, a one day pass is $7 and I NEVER carry cash. So I turned around and walked back out of the Riverplex. Did I feel guilty? Maybe slightly, but considering my motivation was low I honestly didn't care. I taught ZUMBA that evening. I'm still having good numbers: 27 people for a 5:30 pm ZUMBA class. Who would have thought? 

Saturday: Rest day. I wasn't feeling too bad and thought I might run later that night since Camo-Man was going to be hunting. I had a busy day with volleyball and basketball games with my kiddos.  After the games, I went out to eat with friends at The Ironstone Room. The food was delicious and Mr. Muscle bought a bottle of wine for us to share with dinner.  I definitely had my share of the wine. There went the treadmill run.

Sunday: Since yesterday became my rest day, there was no resting today. After Diva Princess's last basketball game, I came home to the treadmill. 5.2 miles of nice easy running to make sure I didn't push my tendons too much. By the time I was done I was feeling great! My pace wasn't fast, but my form was nice and relaxed.

As a side note, I did lose one pound this week which surprised me since I had been having carb cravings all week. I'm still struggling with when to check my blood sugars since my day consists of eat, workout and repeat. The good doc suggested checking after workouts. to make sure I was not trending down, but with my past trends that hasn't been an issue. I'm going to work on checking my blood sugars this week. 

Have a great, healthy and very happy week !

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