Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I did it. I belong in the looney bin. Yes, yes, I do. I am just crazy enough to NOT be able to walk away from a challenge.

Monday night I came home and decided I would see if my nerve would hold out when I tried to get through the registration process. I entered my name, age, contact info, emergency contact info (PLEASE I hope they don't need to use it!) and.....

** List athletic achievements & background (what?)
** Significant personal achievements (really? Can I list NONE?)
** Why are you registering for this event? (Cause I.M.STUPID)
** Please share significant information about your training or participation. (Insert cricket sounds)

At 10 pm at night, I did not have the creativity to complete these questions...and I was a chicken. So I exited the registration form.

My Facebook status:

Why does WTC make registration do hard? Name, age, contact info should be all that's needed but NO! This is for an Ironman. We want to know your life story do we can add dramatic music & have Bob Costas add dramatic pauses to your story. Too tired to be creative - click

Tuesday afternoon....I hear a voice coming from deep inside my've been talking the talk, can you walk the walk?

What do you know? About 10  minutes later after bullshiting my way through my significant achievements,

I tried to call Camo-Man to see if he would talk me out of it, but he didn't answer the phone! So I guess I had no choice but to hit . WHAT WAS I THINKING????

Registration Details
Confirmation #:

D-Day is now 227 days away.....I better go get on my trainer!

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