Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some days you are the windshield....

Some days you are the bug. 

Today I was the bug, only I visualized myself at the bottom of the Riverplex pool instead of against the windshield. 

I constantly find myself wondering when the swim will become my friend. Then I hear the answer NEVER. 

I went to the pool today with the PLAN of doing my warm up, 1000 yards continuous and then finish off with an additional 600 yards. The plan got thrown out the window within my first 400 yards. Let me back up. I think it got thrown out the window when I drove to the Riverplex.

I am a firm believer that how you approach things, your mindset, will affect the outcome. I went to the pool filled with dread. I knew my last swim on Friday wasn't stellar. My confidence of a couple of weeks ago was shattered. 

So, yes, my plan was derailed by my attitude. I did my warm up and then started toward my goal of 1000 yards. In the first 300 yards, I heard a voice in my head screaming, "Why did you sign up for Ironman? You are going to drown!"  Nice, huh? Reassuring? Not quite. 

I paused at the end of the pool to gather my mental strength again. Once again the doubts came barging in within a few more laps. What was the deal?  

I finally finished my first 1000 yards and I suddenly turned the corner. Only 600 yards left. It is amazing to me how much better I felt knowing I was on the downhill. 

I decided I need to break any further long swims down into smaller chunks. Yes, the goal is 1600 yards, but mentally I need to call it 4x400 without a break. Maybe that will help.

Here's hoping. 

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