Monday, January 23, 2012

Listen to Your Body

I'm a firm believer in listening to your body. If you don't, who will? I'm not talking about the "Oh I'm tired I'm going to skip my workout" kind of listening. That's BS and we all know it. I'm talking about listening to your body, protecting it, nurturing it so you can perform when you call upon your body to push to the next level. 

Listen.....Your body is telling you something. 
I had 20 miles planned for last week. 5 miles each Tuesday & Thursday with a long run of 10 miles on Saturday, but my body - or my specifically my heels - said "WHOA!". On Friday I started feeling little prickles on my heels and even along the bottom of my right foot. With so many runners getting plantar fascitis, I decided to back off my 10 mile run on Saturday. It wasn't me being a woosy. It was me listening to my body and saying I don't need to do 10 miles today. Ironman Louisville is still 8 months away. My game plan is to prepare for a half marathon in March, but if I don't make it so be it. I'd rather be injury free and strong instead of sitting on the sidelines not getting the preparation completed for IMLOU. 

So my workout plan for the week was modified and I'm fine with that. I've been stretching my lower leg muscles and pressing them on the roller in order to prevent any further progression. Hopefully, I stopped in time to reduce the affects of PF, or maybe it's my mind getting ahead of me. I had the nagging fear that I had ramped up my miles too quickly and maybe this is my way of compensating. No matter what I feel good that I backed out of Saturdays run. I even think I'm going to make this week a little lighter as well to make sure my plantar fascia doesn't rebel yet still. 

This week's workouts? Still solid. 
Monday: A light day in order to make sure I was ready for my very first ZUMBA class. I taught PUMP in the morning and ZUMBA in the afternoon. I only had one lady pissed and walked out of my ZUMBA class. So I'll call it a success. 

Tuesday: I taught Body Flow first thing in the morning. I love that class! It's such a nice balance to all of my other workouts.  5.2 miles on the treadmill consisting of a 10-20 minute warm up, 6x800 (1:30 RI), 10 minute cool down. 

Wednesday: Started off the day with a 60 minute trainer ride following the Winter Bike Plan on Beginner Triathlete, followed by a cat nap after lunch, and then off to the pool. I taught PUMP that night as well. Bohyah! Nice workout day. 

Thursday: I taught PUMP again in the morning. Man, this back to back PUMP is killing me! Followed by 5.2 miles on the dreadmill at mid-tempo pace.

Friday: Body Flow to start the day....ahhh, sweetness. It really loosens up the body and releases all of that tension followed by another swim, and 60 minutes on the trainer and another ZUMBA class. No one mad, but someone who thought I was teaching wrong and should be showing all of the moves before each song. Whaaaa? And bring down everyone's heart rate? No, I don't think so. 

Saturday: I was hoping to join the BOYS for a long trainer ride, but I got a desperate call from another instructor about teaching Body Flow in Saturday morning. So, twist my arm, ok! I was supposed to do my 10 mile long run today, but decided to be cautious and got on the trainer instead for my 3rd trainer ride of the week for another 100 minutes. 

All in all not a bad week. Listening to  your body is key though. You want to remain injury free so you can accomplish the END GOAL (i.e. Ironman Louisville), not the goal of the moment. I know it can be hard to pull back when you are ready to push forward, but listen to your body. It will tell you when to push and when to be safe. 

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