Saturday, November 8, 2014


Part of my goal for IMWI was to use Generation Ucan for training and race day. As usual, I did that about half assed. Note to self:

This is soooo me. I know my body cannot tolerate carbs well, but I still "reward" myself at the end of a long workout, or I justify eating sugar because I am heading into a long run. This just doesn't work for my body. 

Generation Ucan is for athletes who have made the switch to be fat adapted. As a Type 2 Diabetic, you would think this would be a great plan for me. I actually do think it's a great plan for me; however, my lack of planning led to poor food choices throughout my training. 

If you remember in 2012, my entire body was breaking out in hives. I now have a theory as to why. I believe my blood sugars were out of control when I followed the normal recommended high carb diet for endurance athletes. In 2014, I trained primarily with Ucan. My hives remained under control. I still had the hives because I still did partake in carbs, but the hives were so much better.

Unfortunately, on race day, I had not completely dedicated myself to converting to a fat adapted diet. So I entered IMWI with this as my nutrition plan: 

Yes, pretty much a hot mess. Who uses Spree and Hot Tamales with Ucan? Someone who has not properly prepared. DORK!

Two months post race I am not following any plan. The weather has cooled and I'm still having issues with small patches of hives. Why? I think it's because my carb intake is still rather high. 

So.....what's my plan? During my training I listen to podcasts occassionally when running or biking. I listened to a podcast called the Paleo Runner and listened to Professor Tim Noakes. I swear he was describing me. A Type 2 Diabetic who works out regularly and is within my normal weight range. I started to do some research. I wanted to fly to South Africa and ask him to use me as his guinea pig! 

I am planning to switch my eating plan to a Paleo/Primal Blueprint/Low Carb High Fat diet. All I know is that my body does not deal well with carbs and when I eat a lot of carbs (especially in the summer) my body rejects the carbs by breaking out in hives.'s time to make a change. It's time to do what is right for my body, but also for my health. My goals are usually tied to workouts or races. My focus for November is food. Eating. Nutrition. Properly fueling my body.  My body will appreciate it. My doctor will love me for it. My family and friends will hopefully support me as I make this switch. Join me on my journey as I focus on fueling my body for a long, healthy life. 

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