Friday, March 19, 2010

A pain in my......foot

Last Saturday was a big day for me. I ran 12 miles from Morton to East Peoria and back again. It was tough, but it was done. I was on my way to preparing for the Delavan Frostbite Classic this weekend.

I rested my body Sunday and most of the day Monday. Heck, I even took a two hour nap on Monday afternoon thanks to the time change over the weekend.

Monday night I played volleyball. In my running shoes. I've done it before. I never had a problem, but I'm 41 years, 5 months and a few days now. I guess I should have been smarter.

I can't remember if the ache started Monday night or if it waited to appear on Tuesday, but the outside of my left foot was aching....not a sharp pain. Just aching. I could touch my foot and feel the sensitive area. It's about where the yellow arrow shows up on the picture. That is apparently my peroneus longus tendon.....and I think that is the source of my discomfort.

What? Go see a doctor? Why would I do that when I have access to Dr. http://www.webb/. I mean really?! Of course, I did initially self diagnos myself with plantar fasciitis, but today I decided that was all wrong. So now I'm on to tendonitis...or possibly just a my peroneus longus tendon. The strain is possible if you consider that I was playing volleyball in running shoes and you know I don't play my favorite sport without giving it my all. I'm worried the quick start and stops of volleyball cause a problem for my peroneus longus tendon.

I haven't run since Saturday because it makes me a little nervous. Everyone says to let it I am. I don't want to be hobbling around the beach next week! I swam Tuesday (1000 yards) & Thursday (900 yards). Wednesday I did pilates and stretching. Boy, oh boy, did that feel good on my aching body. That's really when I came up with my misdiagnosis. Today I was hoping to get my Dolce out for a ride, but work took priority. Maybe this weekened....or not....that dang wintery mix again.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to play in a volleyball tournament with my nieces and nephew. Hmmm, maybe I'd better get some new shoes. I ran to Kohl's and purchased some new shoes, but I'm still not convinced they were the right shoes for my needs. We'll see what happens. If my foot doesn't hurt after 3 or 4 hours of volleyball on a hard court, I'll be running in the half marathon on Sunday.

Wish me luck.....

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