Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In the name of being Lame

Camo-Man told me this morning that my blog has been rather lame lately. Really? Well, yes. 

In the name of achieving balance, I haven't been on the computer much in the last few weeks. With the little time I have when I am not working out or eating, I've started purging clutter out of my home and my life.

Each week I make a list of rooms in my house which are driving me crazy and slowly purge the clutter. I've cleaned out my closet, the den and the kitchen pantry. One friend even said my clean, organized pantry was Pinterest-worthy. While  it is nice and neat, I don't have the pretty baskets and labels required for Pinterest. 

My Pinterest Worthy Pantry

I've been outside running thanks to a couple of beautiful days. I went to a local trail and just enjoyed a nice relaxing 6 mile run. The picture doesn't reflect what I saw or certainly not what I felt, but it was a glorious run outside...so  much so I couldn't stop talking about it for about a week. 

Morton-East Peoria Trail 
I even planned a light workout weekend so I could take Samantha prom dress shopping. This isn't the dress we purchased. Unfortunately, I was not willing to spend $538 on a dress for her junior prom. I have at least 6 prom dresses to purchase over the next 8 years. I am not starting that as a precedence. 

The one that got away...
We found a beautiful dress at much more reasonable price. I believe she will still enjoy the prom without mom and dad going broke. 

My workouts have been going well. My running mileage is slowly increasing. My time in the saddle is increasing. My confidence in my swim is growing tremendously. I am feeling more and more secure that in 183 days I will truly enjoy a painful, but glorious Ironman Louisville

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