Friday, November 9, 2012

Wine & Dine Day 1

For some reason, I thought arriving in Orlando by 10 am would be a great idea; however, I did not think about setting my alarm for 4 am. Working on 4 hours of sleep made for an interesting start to the day. Of course being the loving person that I am, I did consider waking Cheryl & Jeff by jumping up and down on the bed while screaming "We're going to Disney! We're going to Disney." Fortunately for them, I decided to wake them a little more gently instead.

At the ESPN Complex for packet pick up
Arriving in Orlando, we wanted to hit the packet pick up and expo right away. There is nothing better than a fitness expo to see the latest and greatest products on the market. Of course while there I also spent some time stalking Jeff Galloway as well. Who wouldn't want to meet a running legend?

Cheryl, Snow White and me. All Princesses
Finally we made our way to EPCOT and by this time we were all starving. Jeff stopped right away at the Crafter's Beer booth, but Cheryl and I were ready for some food. I'll describe all of the yummy tapas later but let me tell you the beef from Le Cellier was so incredibly delicious I think I needed a private moment. Now I understand why it is so hard to get into the Canadian restaurant.

We spent most of the day wondering around EPCOT stopping at many booths. We declared Ireland the perfect meal: Fisherman's pie and lava chocolate cake, even though I am not a great chocolate lover. We had one meal which was unsatisfactory at South Africa. None of us cared for the curry sauce on the beef.
The South African meal we all could have passed on 

We even stood jn line to greet a few of our favorite Disney characters. With the exception of Jeff pouring one beer down my arm, it was all in all a good first day to the 17th Annual Food ' Wine Festival.

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