Thursday, May 30, 2013

Running in the rain

I think the conversation went something like this.
Me: I'm going for a run.
Jeff: That's stupid. 

It may have been stupid but my shoes were laced and I was determined to get out on the road and leave my worries behind.

After not running since the Indy half on May 4th, I needed to stretch my legs, to test my knee and just enjoy the pounding of my feet on the pavement. In the month of April, I ran a whole whopping 16 miles because I started experiencing runners knee more and more. I almost walked the Indy half but instead I visited my dear doctor friend and his PT department taped my knee. As a result, I finished the half with a personal best! Not bad for a lazy slough who barely trained for the event. 

After the half, I tried to go for a short recovery run but my calves were so tight from all of the cramping I could barely run 2 miles. I started a new job as a Les Mills Club Coach and work began to take over my available time. I wake up at 5:45 and shower, work, teach a class, work some more, teach another class, chase my kids around Central Illinois and then come home and work some more. 

Finally after a long boring weekend of rained out softball games, I decided to get back on the road again on monday. I wanted to build my base slowly and only ran 3 miles. Since my knee was taped, the run felt good, rejuvenating. A nice release from the weekend's stalled plans. 

Tonight after teaching my 2nd BodyFlow class of the day, I decided it was time for another short run. I could see the storm clouds rolling in but it didn't matter.  Nothing was going to stop me. I stepped out on the road, heard the thunder and I smiled. Nothing soothes the soul more than a thunderstorm and I loved the idea of running through one. The rain poured down on me and in a matter of seconds I was soaked all the way through. At a little over a mile, I saw this van slowly approaching me. Alarm bells went off. 

Jeff rolled down the can window: "Are you doing ok?" I may be stupid, but he still loves me. He came out to see if I changed my mind and wanted a ride back home. Nope. I just wanted to get two short miles in and I was already soaked. I figured I might as well go with it. 

My clothes were completely soaked as well as my shoes but the job was done. The clouds may have been gray, but my spirit was lifted. 
And I came home and found this on Facebook. It seemed to fit my mood and my reasons to run to a tee.

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