Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Where has the summer gone?

I’m sitting in my reading room, drinking coffee from a Keurig and sitting on a futon. Both the Keurig and futon are going with Sam as she leaves for DePaul in a few short weeks. As I sit here looking at out the corn field behind my house, I wonder, “Where has the summer gone?”

Sam & I ready for graduation

The summer started with the startling revelation that my oldest daughter, despite my greatest efforts, actually was going to graduate from high school. I find it so hard to believe that she is graduating when I feel like I just graduated myself, what, was it just yesterday? Ugh. No.

Some of our awesome girls softball team
The beginning of our summer was spent at the softball field watching Abby play ball playing center field and sometimes pitching. Some of my best summer moments were spent at the ball field sitting in bleachers with parents that I love spending time with. Parents who make me laugh and cheer my daughter as much as their own.

Jeff & I at the Firecracker 5000

I spent the summer teaching classes, running, a little swimming and even less biking. My race calendar has been light this summer as I focus on the #$(#$)# Chicago Marathon. A half marathon in May.  A sprint triathlon in June. A 5k in July. Oh and then there was my GRIT training. With GRIT, you’ve got to love the pain.

My 3 girls at Navy Pier
And now summer is winding down. My two youngest start school on Thursday at a school district I’m very proud to send my kids to. My oldest….she leaves in a few short weeks to become a college freshman.

The summer may be coming to an end, but it is the start of everything new and fresh. New school year, new friendships, new schedules and most importantly, new opportunities. 

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