Monday, November 28, 2011

Purple Chicken

Now that I am going to have more time to plan family meals I need to start getting my list of go to recipes together again. I always think of my friend, Elizabeth, when it comes to meal planning. She has her list of recipes which her family enjoys and makes them often. 

A year or two ago I asked my family what recipes I make that they like. Camo-man replied, "Frozen Pizza." Ahhh, the love and support of your life partner! (Grrrr)

Tonight at dinner, Hollywood reminded me of the Purple Chicken recipe. I tend to find new recipes, give them a try, have my 2 picky eaters tell me they don't like them and then never make them again. Do you see a problem here? Yes, I know. I have food issues. 

Back to the story....I made a chicken dish which turned out purple. It called for grape jelly and I didn't think about the effect the color would have, but I do have to agree with my family. It was definitely not visually appealing. Yes, it looked like the picture to the left...but not quite. 

Purple chicken. 
That is my goal. 
To NOT make purple chicken ever again. 

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