Monday, November 14, 2011

When God whispers

When God whispers in your ear, sometimes one needs a hearing aid. Sometimes it's like a gale force wind and you say, "Yes, Lord, I get it."

A lot of times I find I listen to God the most when my life is in chaos and that's when I realize he is trying to hit me upside the head with HIS message, not mine.

After a crazy weekend, God helped me decide to resign my job at the park district as Director of Programs and to focus on teaching group fitness classes and spreading the good news about health, fitness & nutrition.
It's been a tough year for me. Trying to balance my responsibilities as a wife and mother as well as basically two jobs. While I've enjoyed them both, I know that I would rather spend my time teaching group fitness helping others reach their goals. My job at the park district requires someone who has more time available to take care of evening and weekend programs because for me with 3 daughters I really don't have the time. After weighing the pros & cons and the possible consequences, I, with 100% of my my dear husband's support, finally did it. I decided to eliminate some of my stress by giving up a position that I enjoyed so I can do the things that make me truly happy.

So, God has spoken to little whispers over the past year. Finally, I respond, "Yes, LORD, I hear you!"

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