Thursday, December 8, 2011

Swim MP3

Last year I had a friend tell me about her swim MP3 played which she loved. The Dolphin Nu. I kindly asked my generous mother-in-law for one for my birthday. Swimming can be so boring and I figured having something to distract my mind would help me enjoy the leg of the triathlon that I cared for the least. 

Photo Credit DC Rainmaker
I used the Dolphin Nu - or attempted to use it - about 3 or 4 times last year. The ear plugs hurt. By the time I completed a mere 400 yards, my ears hurt so bad I needed to take them out. So, I put it away for the winter.

Wednesday when I went for my swim I pulled it out again. If I was going to train for 2.4 miles, I was definitely going to need a distraction. Low and behold the stupid thing wouldn't even charge. 

Fortunately, DC Rainmaker recently completed a full Swim MP3 review. His blog is a valuable resource for anyone who enjoys tech gadgets for the training. (Do you hear me screaming, "ME! ME!"?). Let's just say he's a pretty smart guy and he didn't pick the Dolphin Nu out of the 5 swim MP3 players he reviewed, but check his blog post out. 

Do you use a swim mp3? What would you recommend? 

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