Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Fork in the Road

The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind. - Maya Angelou

Life quite often brings you to the proverbial fork in the road, and, yes, Maya, it's brought about by change. A change in employment status. A desire to follow my goals, but what happens when the fork brings you to a point when you must choose which goals to pursue. 

To the right, I have the opportunity to train and participate in the IronMan Louisville, an endeavor  which will take many, many hours of hard training and almost 9 months of preparation. Training like I've never experienced before.

To hear those words, "Carla Leber, you are an IronMan" as I cross the finish line under 17:00 would fulfill my ultimate athletic goal....and my inner athlete would definitely be fully awake. 

To the left, I have the opportunity to expand my opportunities to teach group fitness. As of today, I am certified to teach ZUMBA as well as LES MILLS Body Pump & Body Flow. This weekend I am attending a LES MILLS Body Combat training. Teaching 4 different group fitness programs is time consuming when you think about the time it takes to learn the choreography, follow proper technique and coaching cues and implement with huge, slap happy grin on your face! I currently teach 6-7 classes a week. Beginning January 1st, I have the option of teaching an additional 2-4 classes per week. 

I love working out. I love spreading the endorphin high to my class participants. I love interacting with my fitness cohorts as we reach for the next level of physical fitness.  

Something has to give. Where do you draw the line? How do you determine which path will take you toward the right goals? 

As you can see, the time to train, to teach, to study, to rest, and to spend with my family, it's all diminishing my soon to be expected freedom unless I make some tough choices here.

The big question: How much can my body take? If I train for an IronMan 15 hours per week and teach 7-10 hours per week, when does my body get to recover? How far can I stretch my body before it begins to snap? What do I eliminate? 

I've spent time in prayer. I've spent time in contemplation. I've tried logic. I am waiting for God to whisper on my heart, or maybe slap me upside the head. Go ahead, Lord. I am waiting!

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