Saturday, December 10, 2011

Training Anticipation

Tomorrow at 8 am I get to start long, exhausting weekend and I can't wait! I am participating in a two day training to become an instructor for Les Mills Body Combat. I went to Body Combat for the first time at the Midwest Quarterly for Les Mills. I loved the intense cardio and quick choreography of the program. When I came home, I went to a local gym which shall remain nameless to attend a Body Combat class. Yep, I was in love. 

I immediately sent out inquiries to local GFMs (group fitness managers) to see if they were in need of more Body Combat instructors....and so it began. Fast forward six weeks and now here I am heading to training during my last week of work at the park district. Whawhooooo!!!

So for 11 hours Saturday and 9 hours on Sunday I will be learning and executing a jab, hook, uppercut combination until my poor little arms can't move anymore.  

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