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Race Review: Tremont Triathlon 2012

The 5th Annual Tremont Triathlon was held on Saturday, June 23rd, and yours truly was an active participant for the fourth consecutive year.  I wish I could say this race was no big deal for me. I mean heck - I'm training for an Ironman; however,  it doesn't matter if it's a Sprint, Olympic, running race or otherwise, I get nervous. 

Coming into T1
Nervous to the point of thinking "Why am I doing this?". Luckily, I was able to start my pool swim early in the morning and I didn't have to wait long before getting started. When I registered, I anticipated my 400 yard swim would take 7:30. Maybe 8, but I was determined to see an improvement in my swim times; however, coming off a week vacation where I did a couple of ocean swims and nothing the week leading into the sprint tri, my swim was not where I wanted it to be. Add in leaking goggles (yes, my new monster chasers!) and I was more than a little disappointed with my 9:12 swim time! (NOTE: This was my 2nd slowest swim time ever!!!! 2011 - 9:09. 2010: 8:57. 2009 - 9:31. Wow. Sad.) I did have to push my negative little devil, Diablo, to the bottom of the pool again as well. For me, swimming sucks...unless you work at it consistently. 


Heading out on the bike
Halfway through my swim, I realized I hadn't started my Garmin. Grrr. a quick hit or 2 on the lap button and we were back in business. I also discovered that I like to talk way too much in transition. My husband and Awesome Cheryl were there at T1 cheering me on and I just started chatting away. Transition time: 2:18. (Very important to note). 

Lesson Learned #2: SHUT UP!!!

I took off on the bike. I was a little worried how my legs were going to hold up considering I just did a 100 mile bike ride on Thursday, but luckily my body recovered fairly well. I wouldn't say they were 100%, but at least 90%. So I felt good on the bike. Two of the big boys from T3 quickly I couldn't even identify one of them. Then a 62 year old man passed me. Say what??!?! Are you kidding me? Ooooohhhh no! That ain't gonna fly with me. I stayed within a 100 yards of him until the bridge going over I-155. I actually passed someone on a hill!!!! I passed him and didn't look back. Booyah! 

I finished the bike in 45:56 minutes, an average of 17.6 mph. I transitioned to the run in 1:26....after stopping, turning around and throwing my sunglasses back to my stuff. Grrr. Now all I needed was to scratch them up, but I really didn't want to run with them on. The first half mile is usually pretty tough on the legs. While they weren't easily striding, I didn't feel as if they were cement blocks either. I was sure I was running an 11 minute mile though and decided to be brave and look at my Garmin. 9:00 minute pace! Hahaha, yes, it's going to be a good day. I wasn't even pushing. I felt relaxed, comfortable and happy!

I see the finish line
The run portion of the Tremont Tri can be a little hot. There isn't a lot of shade out on the run portion, but it's a nice segment of road where we don't have to worry about oncoming traffic. I was a little disappointed at the aid stations. The volunteers were sitting down, reading and pointing to the glasses as runners came up asking for water. Since I knew most of young ladies who had volunteered their time, I felt comfortable giving quick slightly harsh instructions on what they should be doing. 

Shortly after the aid station I felt my #@*#*# shoe lace come untied. Are you serious? I stopped to do a quick tie job and took off again. I finished the run leg of the tri in 28:40 with a 9:15 pace. In the past, I've dealt with leg cramp, but not today. Not a single cramp in sight and I finished feeling good! Total tri time: 1:28:49.9. A new person best!!!! However, 4th in my age group. Seriously?!? By just over two minutes....ahhh! If only my goggles hadn't leaked....If only I didn't turn around to throw my sunglasses....If only I didn't have to tie my shoes.....If only I didn't talk so much in transition....If only, I could have brought home some hardware!! Oh well. I knew today was more about gaining confidence and getting my #1 goal - a personal best!

Here comes my honey finishing her 1st Triathlon
Now it was time for more  important things - cheering on my hubby in his first triathlon ever. After 4 years of him being my road crew and chief supporter, Awesome Cheryl & I were going to be there for him. (She took most of these pictures by the way!)

Unfortunately, our family calendar hasn't been very training friendly for Jeff. With softball and swim team most nights during the week, games and meetings, he didn't have a lot of time to train. I think he had a few of the "Why the hell did I sign up for this thing?" thoughts before starting his swim as well. He looked nice and relaxed in the pool, transitioned to the bike and took off.  His bike time was just over 50 minutes with a 16.0 mph pace. Nice for a rookie and better than my first few triathlons. Transitioning to the run was tough. While he had been running, he didn't do any bricks prior to the triathlon. I think the shock to the legs made his legs feel a little tighter than usual. He finished the tri in a PERSONAL BEST of 1:44:53.2.

Triathlon Newbie, Bruce
Triathlon Newbie, Bret
Awesome Cheryl and I took a volunteer spot at the final curve cheering on the final finishers of the day. We were able to watch 1st time triathletes achieve their goals. Apparently, it's a rule for the male newbies to wear neon pee green shirts for the run. Hahah. A few of the newbies told me I was crazy for training for an Ironman. Yah, I know. I've realized this more than once and had serious doubts regarding my ability to finish, but I will work through it all and make it happen...hopefully. 

A fun group of ladies who did the relay
The best finish for me to watch was an all female relay team called the Schweddy Betties. They decided to enter the tri as a team thinking it would be fun and finished as triathletes wanting to take on the challenge of doing some races as individuals in the near future. As their runner came to the final curve, they all ran in together celebrating their joint accomplishment. 

Lesson Learned #3: Remember to have fun. That is why you started this journey anyway. 

The Tremont Triathlon Team put on the Tremont Triathlon. They put together a 1st class race. It's an ideal race for anyone who is wanting to tip their toe into the sport of triathlon or for an experienced racer who is shooting for a personal best. 

Congrats, T3, on an excellent race as well as to the races who achieved their goals!

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