Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Training for the Open Water Swim

With Ironman 70.3 Muncie now just, what?!?!? 10 days away???, I know I need to really focus on the swim and build my confidence. My two week hiatus has not been very helpful in making me reach my goals. 

Once I received my doctors orders to avoid running and weight lifting while taking prednisone, I decided the next week would be devoted to swimming and cycling....with an emphasis on the swimming. 

On Saturday, I swam the required 400 yards for the Tremont Triathlon. On Sunday, T3 held an open water swim at Lake Windermere. On the first lap, I experienced my usual cricked open water swim veering hard to the right. In order to gather my thoughts and calm myself, I did flip over on my back for about one minute. However, I reminded myself that one lap around the lake was somewhere between 400-500 yards and I knew I could complete that. 

The first lap is always the hardest. I really must remember to do a warm up before taking off in the future. I don't know what it is, but that first one or two minutes of accelerating your heart rate can really be tough. I did two more additional laps, but again I had issues with my Monster Banishers! The right side is continuing to leak even after tightening and trying to adjust them. 

On Monday, I went to the 11 am lap swim at the Tremont Pool. I had 50 minutes to do the following workout: 
WU: 500
MS1: 3 x 50 (20") Descend 3 x 50 (15") Descend 3 x 50 (10") Descend. Set Total: 450
MS2: 4 x 100 (20") Descend, 4 x 100 (15") Descend. Set Total: 800
MS3: 400 any pace you like, counting strokes and focusing on form.
CD: 100 easy
Total: ~2250

For some reason, my goggles were not a problem on Monday and I was thrilled. I felt good about being back in the water and building my strength in the swim. I came back to the pool on Tuesday without a swim plan. I just wanted to be in the water after my time trial bike ride. Abby came with me to the lap swim because she is now trying to get ready for the Mini Triathlon the park district will be putting on this August. Since she's not doing swim team this year, she needs the time in the water; however, she was quickly bored with swimming laps. Instead, I asked her to help me out. 

For the lap swim, the pool staff sets up 3 swimming lanes; however, I wanted to swim without lanes to simulate the open water. I took over the other half of the pool closing my eyes testing my ability to swim straight...and then I asked Abby to beat on me as I swam by. I figured my eyes were closed. I wouldn't know when it was coming and it would be great practice for Ironman Muncie

A friend sent me this link after I posted on Facebook about how my daughter enjoyed helping me train for the open water swim.

To say the last, Abby truly enjoyed her chance to beat on her mommy. She took a couple of pot shots, but all in all she did a great job. She even grabbed my ankles and threw the kick board in front of me so I had to practice swimming over someone else (like I could really do that anyway). I almost choked on the water laughing at her enjoyment.

What strange measures have you taken to prepare for an open water swim? 

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