Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fitness Bucket List

FitFluential is a group of fitness bloggers who recently posed the question:
What is on your fitness bucket list? 

Which got me thinking....What would I like to achieve? Why just wait for life to happen? It's time for me to take control and guide my path through life. Here is what is on my bucket list: 

Run a Marathon: I know it seems strange that I have completed an Ironman, but I have never registered for an independent marathon. My plan is to run in the Chicago Marathon next October. Goal: 2013

Trail Running: I am not a call of the wild kind of girl, but trail running just sounds fun. The natural obstacles provided by God's grace sound like wonderful distractions for the mind instead of just pounding the pavement day after day. Goal: Incorporate trail running in my training regiment in 2013 and maybe even run a trail race or two.

Mountain Biking: I have a little bit of trepidation over this one. I would like to try mountain biking, but I fear I will be one of those unfortunate souls who flips over my handlebars and breaks my clavicle. Add in the fact that I have to purchase a mountain bike and this goal may take a little bit longer to achieve. Goal: 2013, maybe 2014 depending on how many race funds get re-routed.

Learn to Belly Dance:  To me, learning to belly dance would offer a great opportunity for me to improve my core by exercising muscles which have been long forgotten. I have the name of a belly dance studio in Peoria where I can take classes. The problem? Finding a class which fits into my own schedule. Goal: 2013, but let's face it. It may take even longer. 

Disney Coast to Coast: Combine Disney & running and you have pure magic. Disney puts on some of the best races year after year. In order to achieve the Coast to Coast challenge, you have to complete 2 Disney races: one each in Disney World and Disneyland in the same calendar year. I really don't care which combination of races I get to do. I have several friends who want to do the Princess Half Marathon in February in 2014 which would mean going to Disneyland in September. However, 2014 is also supposed to be the year for my next Ironman and I don't think I can afford to do all three in the same year unless I displace Jillian Michaels on The Biggest Loser and in all likelihood that's not going to happen. What little girl wouldn't want to do the Tinker Bell in January and Princess in February? Let's face it. We all have a little princess hiding inside of us. Possible Goal: 2014, but we'll see what happens with a reality check as we get closer. 

Disney World Races
  1. Disney Marathon (January)
  2. Disney Half Marathon (January)
  3. Goofy's Race and a Half (January)
  4. Disney Princess Half Marathon (February)
  5. Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon (November)
Disneyland Races
  1. Tinker Bell Half Marathon (January)
  2. Disneyland Half Marathon (September) 
Scuba Diving: Every time we go on a cruise or Caribbean vacation and I see the excursions for scuba diving I am saddened that I do not have my scuba diving certification. Fortunately, even though we are not surrounded by gorgeous beaches, we do have a local company where I can get my certification. Now, however, it's a matter of planning to get my certification prior to our next beach extravaganza vacation. Goal: 2015

Warrior Dash: Who wouldn't want to army crawl under electrical fences and climb obstacles while covered in mud? This bucket list item should be relatively easy to attain, right? Goal: 2013

Rock climbing at Upper Limits

Indoor Rock Climbing: A few years back I went indoor rock climbing with friends at Upper Limits in Bloomington. The experience was challenging and exhilarating.  I would love to try it again now that I have much more upper body strength and even learn how to belay. Once again, finding time to take a class will be the challenge, but it would be a great activity for the winter of 2013. Goal: 2013

Outdoor Rock Climbing: Now really, once you have the skills to complete rock climbing indoors why would you not want to take out to nature? Maybe a nice vacation somewhere out west? This one will definitely take some time and planning. Goal: 2015

Fly on a Trapeze: My inner gymnast really wants to be recognized. To fly on a trapeze - or better yet fly through the air without being attached in anyway to anyone - would probably be the most exhilarating challenge on my bucket list. Goal: Oh good golly, who knows.  

Learn to Surf / Go Paddleboarding: Being a Midwestern Girl all of my life has left me very few opportunities to take on my water challenges. I would love to spend a week on the ocean learning to surf. The amount of balance and strength required would definitely create a challenge. Goal: Unknown. Let's just put it out there.  

Canoe & Hike the Grand Canyon: One of my favorite vacations as a kid was visiting the Grand Canyon. What an awesome sight to behold. The grandeur of the canyon carved into the red rock creates an endless majestic view. Goal: 2016

White water rafting: My family went white water rafting in 1997 in Galveston, TX. I, however, was left back at the resort since I was 5 months pregnant with kiddo number 2. I've always wanted to try white water rafting. The saddest part is that I won't be able to go with my dad who at the age of 70 had no qualms about picking up the paddle and jumping in the boat. My sisters went white water rafting last year. Maybe I should see if they are going again next year. Goal: 2013


  1. Hi Clara, I stumbled on your blog and read your this post and your about page. I'm both truly impressed and inspired by your story and how you worked your way into fitness. I'm reminded to take better care of my health and exercise more.

    Just completed a dream of mine - an iPhone app (adream) where people can share their dreams and goals in a fun way. I thought that this would be a good way for people to be inspired by how others' achieve their goals.

    Keep inspiring people, and all the best in realizing all your fitness goals :)

    Best, Ray

    adream - (iPhone app)