Friday, February 1, 2013

Let training season begin!

You can tell when it's triathlon training season because my debit card asks for a rest day. I am not much of a shopper until it comes to training gear and gadgets. Then you might as well suck my wallet dry.

And since I got locked out of the Disney Land Half Marathon - that one still stings - I've decided to treat myself.

Last week I ordered two new Dolfin Uglies training suits. For the first time in several months, I'm actually excited to get back in the water. I love Dolfin Uglies suits because they stand up to months and months of overexposure to chlorine and don't fade away.

One of my new training suits
I also wanted to get a back up cap - you know - just in case. Sometimes in a fit of pure joy of getting in the water (yes, eyes are rolling in the back of my head) I tend to get a little over anxious and rip my swim cap. 

Last week I was talking with our friend, Bruce, who is also participating in the swim clinic with Jeff & I. He made a comment that I am a Princess. As a matter of fact, he said, "All you Leber girls are princesses." He went on to say that Jeff treats us all like princesses. Well, I guess if you expect to be treated like a princess you will be treated like a princess. 

So in order to celebrate my new royal status, I ordered the Tiara Swim Cap. Why not? I mean no one takes me seriously in the water in anyway.

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