Thursday, January 31, 2013

Run Forest Run

Sometimes when you are hit with inspiration you just have to go with it. It doesn't matter if it's 39 degrees outside and a light mist is falling from the clouds above.

Bundle up and hit the road. Pull up your big girl pants and GO! Beause you know when you are done, that you will fan-freaking-tastic...even if your entire body is colored shades of pink and you are covered in a cold sweat.

Can you see me now? 

The key to running outside in winter is layering; however, I was so excited about my new running outfit I didn't put on an additional layer. Luckily, I only regretted it for about the first mile when I was running into the wind.

I bought a new pair of running tights last week. Why? Because my old ones are, well, old and honestly a bit stretched out for my post-Ironman body. I saw these at the store and knew I had to buy them. I mean basic black is great, but let's face it. These are so colorful they will go with everything as well!

I went out for a short running hoping to get in 3-5 miles just to keep my base mileage up and basically wimped out at the 3 mile mark. Of course, it could also have something to do with the fact that I turned a corner at just under 3 miles and the light mist of rain turned into sleet. That's when I decided I had enough. Time to head home to a hot shower & my fireplace.

No matter what - I always finish with a smile
No matter the weather, a completed run always leaves me with a smile and ready to move on with other things which need to be done. And that list never seems to end.

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