Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Goals

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions. Instead, I prefer to set goals. Maybe it's the athlete in me, but SMART GOALS - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely - are what I'm shooting for in 2013.


So what fitness goals do I want to achieve in 2013? 

  1. Run a marathon. I know I'm slightly backwards. I've never run a solo marathon, but I have completed an Ironman. So I want a run a marathon, but let's set that SMART Goal. How do I find a goal time for 26.2 miles? Well, first let's look at my Ironman marathon time...5:26:47...after completing 114.4 miles already. Last year I completed the Indy Half Marathon in 2:11:16. Based on the tables in "Run Less Run Faster" which extrapolates your marathon times, Runner's World says I should be able to complete a full marathon in 4:35:43. Well.....there it writing. First goal for 2013.
  2. PR at the Indy Half. This year will be my 4th year to do the Indy Half Marathon in early May. In the past three years, I have completed this race betwen 2:11 and 2:16 with my slowest time being in 2011 when I didn't train nearly enough because of that job which took over my life. Am I crazy to hope to achieve a sub 2-hour half this May? Taking 11 minutes off seems like a stretch, but I am still putting it out there. I will reach for it and if it remains outside of my grasp, I'll survive...and set a new goal for another day. 
  3. PR at the Tremint Sprint Tri. Last year I completed the Tremint Sprint Tri and felt like I could have done more. This year I hope to train just as well and push a little harder. With the work I'm doing on my swim now as well as my running goals, here's hoping for a PR at the Tremont Tri of 1:20. 
  4. Disney Coast to Coast. We've planned it. We've talked about it and now it's almost time to register. Registration for the Disney Land Half opens next Tuesday, January 22. The Disney Land half will be held on September 1st....but I'm considering registering for the Dumba Double Date, which consists of a 10k on Saturday and the half on Sunday. Why not? You get an extra medal. I'll already be there AND it's an inagural race! How can you pass it up? In order to complete the Coast to Coast, I'll need to register (and complete) the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November at WDW. Somebody who shall not be named mentioned he may not go this year. Well, I'll just celebrate our 20th anniversary by Disney...surrounded by wine. Wise choice by my dear better half? Probably not.    Scratch that. The DL Half sold out in 24 hours...before I had a chance to register. ARGH
Well, there it is. In Writing. My 2013 Fitness Goals. I guess that means I'd better go get on the treadmill. 

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