Saturday, January 5, 2013

January Challenge

So....I've decided I need a challenge and as I was whiling away my time waiting  for dinner to cook, I came across this pose.
The Peacock Pose

Once upon a time, I was a fairly decent tumbler and had great arm strength as well as wrist flexibility. Now? 

I'm always one up for a challenge especially when someone doubts me. After posting the picture on my Facebook page, I had a couple of friends who seemed to doubt that I would do it and requested a picture by February 1st. 

So....I guess by February 1st you will see an outstanding beautiful pose being performed by yours truly. I may even post some pictures of my fails as my friend, Jen, said, "It would be called the broken beak pose for me."

Fortunately, I found a good yoga site which offers some instruction on how to perform the Peacock Pose. I'm off to practice. Wish me luck. 

Ohhh...and WHO IS JOINING ME?