Thursday, January 3, 2013

Old Time Photos Session

We are back home from Branson and as much as I hate to admit it, we had a nice time. Branson may not be my dream destination, but it was nice to get away and spend time with the family and friends. Here are a few shots from our Old Time Photo Sessions. 

Don't we look grand? 

Me and my little hunk of cowboy
The photographer told us to look into each other's eyes and look serious. I couldn't do it. Sorry I am not some young maiden waiting to be swept off my feet. I'm a hardened old bitty.

Laughter is good for a marriage, right? 
The funniest part was watching Annelise who really didn't want to put on a dress. She asked if she could wear a cowboy outfit instead. We had so much fun harassing her. Look! She's even showing some leg!

Jeff and his little ladies
For some reason, all three of my girls wanted a gun. What has Jeff done to my children? My sweet innocent babies????

Yes, we are a fine bunch of women. The boys were greatly outnumbers on this little vacation.

All of us ladies
Hopefully, we won't be like the Hatfields and the McCoys, but here is all 9 of us all ready for a show down at the Circle K Corral.

The whole clan
The cutest of the two??? Yes, little Miss Abby and her dear friend, Trey.  After the pictures, Trey's sister said, "When they get married, I can't wait to show them all of these pictures." Oh man.  Poor kids. Their lives have been planned for them.

Trey and Abby
As much as we all acted like we didn't want to do it, it was a lot of fun to get dressed and goof around. Good memories. That's what vacations are all about.

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