Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Crickety Old Knees

Last February, I went to physical therapy for knee pain which extended from the front of my knee to the top of my ilium crest.Since I seem to have a problem with focus, I stopped doing my exercises when the pain stopped.

But, hey, you know what?
The pain stopped when I stopped running because I was teaching group fitness all of the time.
Fast forward to a week in the Riviera Maya with Awesome Cheryl and you find me DEFYING MY DESTINY with a 3 mile run along the beach. Suddenly, what do you know? My knee hurts again. Grrr

While lounging in a chair by the pool waiting for Verulo to deliver my Mango Tango,, I caught up on my reading and found an article in the latest Runner's World magazine about strengthening your hips to relieve sore knees. The series of exercises includes forward lunges, side planks, single-leg bridges, and reverse step-ups. Because I do want to add running back into my routine, I need to add this series of exercises to my daily workout regime.
So even though I just published it's revised. 
Ok, now I have to run (figuratively). Time to go back the ladies check out. Take back the rack!

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