Thursday, September 13, 2012

IM Tattoo Design at Wine Down Wednesday

Before I even left for Louisville, I created a Facebook event for friends to join me at Perdue's Grill & Bar for  Wine Down Wednesday. The following is my event description:

With the start of the school year and this being the first Wednesday after my Ironman, I will either need my dear friends to celebrate with me or help me mourn a dream. Join me for a cocktail, or two, while we celebrate the beginning of a new school year and hopefully design my Ironman tattoo.

Luckily, for me, my Ironman Louisville adventure was a COMPLETE SUCCESS and we were able to celebrate. I posted on Monday morning that everyone needed to bring their Ironman tattoo ideas to Wine Down Wednesday.

Then things got wacky. I had people posting about being an Iron-woman. Umm, no, first off let's be clear. I am an IRONMAN. I did as much work as any man out there and even beat a few of them. (Insert evil laugh here) So I am claiming the title of Ironman. Some of the suggestions included putting pig tails on the M-dot. Say what? Have you been smoking something? No way.

Finally, I decided I needed to guide people on the tattoo design. Control freak? Yes, maybe I am, but I wanted some good ideas.
Tattoo Rules: The M-dot has to be the basis of the tattoo and, yes, I am an IRONMAN, not Iron-Woman. Here is a picture of the M-dot. Taking creative input!

I even posted a few pictures of some tattoo designs that I liked.
Incoporating the fleur-de-lis

Incorporating T3

Louisville & Churchill Downs

Kind of HUGE...but cool

Discreet, but needs creativity

But really nothing seemed to fit me. I wanted something which said I was an Ironman but didn't look masculine and beefy. I also knew I DID NOT want a tattoo on my calf. I decided the back of my shoulder was a better option for me. That way I could show it off when I wanted and be a badass  group fitness instructor, but also cover it when needed.

Some friends posted on my Facebook the different ideas they thought were cool. Some were really cool, but way far out there for me. Some friends brought their ideas to Wine Down Wednesday. Someone even recently emailed me with the wrist tat above.

I like the simple lines of the figures. I like the idea of incorporating the fleur-de-lis in some, but when I do my next Ironman (Did you catch that? Not if, but when.) I'll need the design to be flexible enough to incorporate that one as well....because I'm not turning into a tattooed woman. One tat and that's that.

Gene (aka The Legend) & I at Wine Down Wednesday
The rest of the Wine Down Wednesday was a lot of fun. Lots of friends came out to celebrate my successful day as well as Gene, who is now a three time Ironman finisher. I enjoyed sharing my stories with friends and showing off my Ironman Finisher jacket. You didn't know I had a FINISHER jacket? Well, I will have to post a picture another time because it really does look good on me.

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