Thursday, October 8, 2009

Goals for October

I am writing down my goals for October as a way to keep me accountable. Nothing can turn me back now. It's official. Every goal setting workshop I have ever participated in tells you to write down your goals to make them realistic.....well, this is it.

RUN 12 miles per week

There it is. That's the goal. 12 miles per week. That shouldn't be that difficult to keep, right? I mean I could run 4 miles - 3x/week. No problem. Until you hear the fall wind starting to howl. And the temps at 8 a.m. are rarely above 50 degrees. Lots of excuses, but I will prevail.

And since we are into the 1st week of October, I will tell you that I have run almost 8 miles this week. I am going on a scrapbooking retreat this weekend, but getting in 5 more miles over the 3 day weekend really shouldn't be a problem....unless it continues to downpour like it is now. BUT they do have a fitness room at the Great Bear Lodge in Utica. So, I may have to "bear" down and get back on the rat-mobile.

Have a great weekend!

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