Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday's workout

On Tuesday, I went out for my run. I decided to take my new fancy, dancy GPS Garmin, or "Gary", out to Ropp Road. Now that I had a GPS I didn't need a specific route. I just needed Gary to show me the way. I had a 4 mile run planned. So I thought I'd do a loop - 2 miles out and 2 miles back. I parked my car and took off on my run. It was a beautiful fall day to be out running and not really windy. That was a shocker.

About 1 1/2 miles into my run, I came across a pasture full of cows. They looked at my fear as if I was coming to butcher them for tonight's dinner. I watched the cows. The cows watched me.

I continued on my run. WOW! Ropp Road was really hilly! Not major hills. Not gonna' kill you hills. Just up and down and up and down. At 2.5 miles, I came across another pasture, but this time it contained horses. One of the horses galloped at me as if I was ready to play. Nope, not now. Got work to do. I'd love to play later though. I galloped with the horses. They galloped with me.

I turned around at 1.84 miles- not wanting to run down and hill and have to run around and go right back up that same hill. As I ran by the horses, they ignored me this time as if to say they were mad at me and didn't care for my lack of play time. Finally, I came across the cow pasture again. The cows stared at me with a certain lack of trust. One brown cow decided I was definitely worthy and took off running (Do cows really run?). I think I started a stampede! Naw, not really. Just one cow who didn't want to be my steak dinner for the night.

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