Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goal for October

Because I've been trying to work on the Les Mills Body Flow dvd, I've discovered I'm getting old. Actually, not that I am getting old, but that my body is getting old. When I was younger, I could do all of the strange contortions which most people think are just sick and wrong. Over the years, I've continued to work on the flexibility of my legs, but apparently I've lost most of the flexibility in my upper back and shoulders.

Last week, I tried to push up from a bridge to a back bend and discovered that not only has my flexibility greatly decreased, but that my arm and shoulder strength has greatly decreased as well. As a result, my goal for the month of October is to work on my shoulders, biceps and triceps. I'd like to see the strength come back into them. Of course, I DO NOT WANT THEM TO LOOK LIKE THIS:
I don't believe in steroids, but I do believe in weights and strength training for all women and men.

So, stay tuned for some workout reports. I'll be working on them soon.

Workout plan for the week:
Sunday - volleyball (check)
Monday - Body Flow, 5 mile run
Tuesday - Upper Body
Wednesday - Hopefully a 5 mile run, Body Flow
Thursday & Friday - Rest due to traveling, but I will be walking around the world!
Saturday - Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon!!!!!
Sunday - Walk around world to keep up with my drinking around the world!
Monday - Rest due to traveling!

Have a great week!

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  1. Stay safe on your trip! Have a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear all about it!