Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little Blood Sucker

The phone call came while I was sitting at work. Unfortunately, I couldn't answer the call, but when I check my messages here are the magic words I heard:

Mrs. Leber, this is Kim. We'd like to have you come to the office on Wednesday, September 8th at 9:30 am to put you on the constant glucose monitor. Please let me know if that works for you.
It's Time to Celebrate!
It's time to celebrate. Beginning next Wednesday for 3 days, I will know what my body is doing at all times - every 5 minutes - with the sugar in my system. When I eat. When I sleep. When I run, bike and swim or when I lay around like my naturally lazy self would like to do at all times. I'm so excited to see what will be happening with my body that I will be working out pretty hard over those three days. I'm planning a log run Wednesday night, a swim Thursday morning and a Body Flow class Thursday night, and a bike ride on Friday. This kind of stuff actually gets me excited. To see the inner workings of my body and understand this great creation that God has given me. The body is a complicated mass of various systems which must work together to help keep you healthy & happy. Who really understands how the body works? Not me. I thought I did until I started learning more about these disease that I have inherited from the last 4 generations of the Moore-Cronister line. Yah, thanks Great-Great-Grandpa from Ireland. Love your heritage. Not your genetics. 

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