Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let's Talk Vacation

Next March we will be going on our first Disney cruise for Spring Break. When it comes to cruising, everyone says Disney does it best. We can't wait to get on board the Disney Dream, Disney's 3rd majestic ship which has 14 decks. We can't wait to check out the AquaDuck, the very first water roller coaster at sea, and to chill out while basking in the Magic of all that is Disney. The only bummer is that the cruise is only 4 days.

Once we hit shore after the cruise, we have reservations in Orlando at Bonnet Creek, a condo in our vacation club. One of our must do stops in Orlando will be the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal. Squueeee! I can't wait. Disney, Harry Potter, two of my most favorite entertainment entities.

Why do I love Harry Potter & Disney? DETAILS. It's all in the details. With Disney, every aspect of their business has a back story from the queue lines at the Disney parks to which horse in the carousel actually belonged to Cinderella. (Do you know which horse is Cinderella's?) The same is true with Harry Potter. When J.K. Rowling wrote her seven incredible novels, she thoroughly thought through each and every detail in the books. Some minor fact which barely gains your notice in the first or second book may suddenly become a huge clue in final climax scene between Harry Potter and Voldemort. Maybe it's the big picture person in me. I love having someone else think all of the details through and discovering the story behind each of those details.

So in seven months, I will experience my first Disney cruise as well as visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time............Is it too early to start a count down?

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