Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Julie Julia Week 1 Recipes

My three princesses have picked the first week of recipes for my Julie Julia makeover from the Meal Makeover Moms. Of course, there was a snag to start it all off. 

Sunshine, aka Lead Picky Leader, chose three breads/desserts as her first 3 recipes. Grrr. When I asked her to look at the cook book, I skipped the requirement of picking 1 breakfast/lunch item, 1 dinner item and one other item. Nonetheless, mommy will persevere.

Round 1:
Princess chose the Nest Eggs for a breakfast item. Naturally, Princess loves eggs and toast. Throw in some syrup and we've got a yummy breakfast. This recipe seems to be within my cooking abilities and I'm quite optimistic about it.

Hollywood chose Hidden Treasure Shrimp & Shells. When I asked her to pick her recipe of the week, she simply stated, "Just look for anything with shrimp and that will be fine." She's a seafood junky. How will the other two take it? Well, they tend to like plain pasta and occasionally will eat fish. So there is some small glimmer of hope. 

Sunshine chose Peppermint Meringue Snowballs for a dessert item. Hahah. No surprise. Now this recipe scares me. Meringues? Really? Doesn't she realize her mommy has limited cooking abilities? I have to say they sound delicious. So I guess I'm up for the challenge. 

Let the cooking begin! I will be making the meringues over the weekend because I'm sure they will stress me out and require way more time than necessary. The Hidden Treasure Shrimp & Shells will be our dinner on Thursday night since that is the only night when Hollywood will be home before 7 pm from Madrigals and dance team practice. Nest eggs ? If I wake up and I'm fully aware tomorrow morning, I can make the Nest Eggs for breakfast tomorrow. 

It should be an interesting week trying to get my Julie Julia Project started. Wish me luck!

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