Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Workout Plan for November

Two years ago when I started training for triathlons I discovered one important key: planning my workouts. Skipping workouts was always easy before I started working my plan. You see I would skip one workout. And the reduce the amount of work in the next one and then suddenly my goal or deadline day would arrive and I would find myself unprepared. 
When I started competing in races, I discovered the art of the Excel spreadsheet for planning m workouts. I downloaded a yearly calender from Vertex, compared the days and weeks ahead to my personal calender and started plugging workouts into the spreadsheet. I don't necessarily go into the specifics on the Excel spreadsheet due to lack of space. Plus, I tend to follow existing plans for my training workouts. 

For swimming, I'm following the Learn To Swim plans on Beginner Triathlete. For biking, the T3 group is also following a bike plan on Beginner Triathlete. For running, ....hello, running plan? Well, I know what my goals are. I just need to find the right plan to get me there. I want to increase my speed. I have the book "Run Less Run Faster". From that book, I will develop my training plan. I just need to get it locked and loaded!

So far I've stuck to my plan. I usually look at it each Sunday to see if there is anything in my schedule creating a conflict. I don't know, but if I get all of this exercise in I should be one lean, mean machine! I'm sure some where in there a rest day will come up. I usually listen to my body fairly well and take it easy when it talks to me. My tentative November schedule is included below. 

By the way, I started working on the abs track for Body Flow 50. Now I know why I chose to work on that one next. My abs are SOOOO weak! I am going to need the next few weeks and months just to strengthen my abs to a point where I can role model the abs segment. As of now, I can't completely elevate my shoulders and upper back off the floor when I should be. Grrr. I hate abs. I guess it's time to focus on yet another another weak part of my body. 

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