Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MMM: Meet the Judges

Good things come in small packages. That's the saying, right? Imagine my surprise when I opened my special delivery from our local postmaster. Drum roll please......

I know of at least one person who is excited (ME ME ME ME!); however, I must say not everyone in our family was excited about mommy's new project. So, I thought it would be appropriate to have you meet the judges and see if mommy can predict how well this whole venture will go. 

I've asked each of my daughters to select a recipe which we will begin making next week (Nov 8th). For each recipe, they will be required to eat at least 3 bites and when the meal is complete, they will give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down on each recipe. As long as we can stick to the plan, we'll complete all 15o recipes in 50 weeks. This is my Julie Julia project.


Our Julie Julia Judges: Hollywood, Diva Princess in front,
Me, Camo-Man, & Sunshine

First, I'll give you a little run down on me. I'm the active mommy who likes to plan healthy meals for my kids, but somehow in our busy lives they don't always get implemented. I'm constantly struggling to find new methods to make this crazy life of mine more sane when it comes to balancing nutrition and exercise.

Camo-Man: As of this Saturday, my dear hubby and I will have been married for 17 years. Camo-Man is not a picky eater. All he wants to know is that there will be a meal of some sort on the table. He doesn't particularly care what it is. Just so long as we have a family meal.  Camo-Man would be happy eating hamburgers with fries or pizza every night of the week. He doesn't particularly care to watch calories or fat grams. He simply wants food on the plate which he can enjoy. Of course, he'd also be happy if the meal contained his weekly hunting kill and that is not my favorite meal. Ack!

Hollywood: Oh if the dear Lord in Heaven had given me three fantastic eaters like Hollywood I would not have a care in the world. If given a choice between cookies and a bowl of fruit, Hollywood would pick the fruit. She's very good at trying various foods and rarely turns her nose up at anything I put in front of long as it's not too freaky looking or overcooked. And, yes, that happens.

Sunshine: Otherwise known as The Lead Picky Eater. My theory with Sunshine is that she came into this world at a time when our family was participating in meat locker delivery service. We would get various steaks and chicken breasts delivered every other month. So what do you think she likes? Grilled meats. She's not like most kids. She doesn't care for dipping sauces. She doesn't even like ketchup. So casseroles are difficult. She's finally tried fish a time or two and I've had some success there, but that is only on a rare, good moment. On the topic of produce, you can forget it. She used to eat strawberries and I couldn't figure out why at the age of five she wouldn't eat them anymore. She very sweetly looked at me one day at the dinner table and explained, "But momma, taste-es change". Hmmm, maybe they will change again. 

Diva Princess: My 2nd picky eater. If she knew what it meant, she would probably claim that she is vegan, except she doesn't really eat vegetables. Apparently, I've done something wrong as a mom and cook. When she was younger, Diva Princess would eat more. At one dinner meal when Sunshine was staying at a friend's house, Diva Princess took a look a Hollywood, saw her eating and just gave it a try. Unfortunately, when Sunshine is around pouting about food, Princess tends to follow suit. Now I call her my all carb girl. She's reverted to eating like a toddler preferring mac-n-cheese over just about anything else. 

I grew up as a picky eater. I didn't eat salads until someone made fun of me and even then it took a bit. After a while, I decided to give salads a try and now I eat one just about every day. My theory is that my kids should be exposed to healthy foods, but I am not going to force them to eat everything on their plate. As they mature, I hope they will choose to eat more healthy meals just as I did. Unfortunately, I am battling a society who loads their food down with sodium and sugar. Naturally, they chose to eat what they "know" - salty or sugary foods. Kids are exposed to snacks at just about every event they attend. Snacks at choir. Treats after tumbling. Snacks at Awanis. I used to go round and round with Sunshine. If she didn't eat, her only option was a fruit or vegetable. She would choose an apple which is great, but then she would leave the house for an activity and they would provide pre-packaged foods to my children! How am I supposed to battle this when every person out there thinks children need to eat at every activity?

So, here I am today with 3 daughters, two of which won't eat most of the food I put on their plates. I've purchased "No Whine with Dinner" from the Meal Makeover Moms in order to expose my family to healthy food without intimidating by the strangeness of the ingredients.   I'm hoping that by getting them involved with the selection of recipes, the preparing of the food and judging of the result they will start to buy into a somewhat healthier attitude towards. 

Here's hoping. It's definitely going to be an uphill battle. 

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