Tuesday, September 27, 2011

God's Plan on my Heart

Last week I agreed to fill in for a co-worker to teach Cardio Camp, a program we devised to help people get their bodies moving in a different way. Each week we come up with different workouts challenging our participants to think outside the box to get their cardio exercise. The camp meets at kaleidoscope of outdoor locations to keep the muscles from plateauing. 

Yesterday when I woke up.....and it was raining. Karma - I'm telling you.
But no worries. I'm convinced the rain will go away. 

By the afternoon, the rain changed. It was a now a downpour. Now I had to come up with a plan to move Cardio Camp inside. 


Eat. Obviously the answer was eat. 
And I ate a lot.....until I sat down at my computer and decided to work on a plan. 

I came up with a workout combining step aerobics in our group fitness room and cardio intervals using walking, hills, and speed  on the treadmill followed by a few fun drills, such as walking backwards or shuffling from side to side. All in all a good plan and made for an hour which went by quickly. 

I went home from the camp feeling great. Not only did I complete the workout with my participants (Can you say endorphins?) but I also did something that I love....spreading the passion for exercise to the people in my community. 

When I got home, I took a minute to reflect on my evening and thought I heard God whisper....."personal trainer".....

Hmmm, maybe it was time to stop denying God's plan and do what I feel is most important. I did a little research on personal training certifications, but decided to sleep on it. 

I started my morning by taking my fasting blood sugar....147. What?!? Are you kidding me? 

Oh yah, did I mention Karma? 
Ummm, did I mention my little carb rampage yesterday afternoon?
Yah, I probably deserved this. 

Fine. I was off to teach Body Flow. I decided to take my blood sugar again after class to see how I was doing. My class was wonderful. Seven women of varied ages and sizes trying to do what is important...keeping their minds and bodies healthy. 

I came home to take my blood sugar only to discover....oopf....no more lancets. Yes, I am brilliant. I forgot to put them on our shopping list. Ugh. 

Well, I guess taking my blood sugar will have to wait. Now I need to plan some exercise. 

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