Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meeting Glen

If I ever switch to the timeline format on Facebook, I think I will have to add March 3, 2012: The Day I met Glen. 

The weekend was fast and furious and nearly flew right on by, but it was also an inspiring, invigorating 24 hours full of sweat and laughter. Kelsey and I left for Chicago about 7 pm after I finished teaching ZUMBA. By the time we settled in our hotel, it was bedtime, but we chattered away for another hour or so. You know - solving all of life's problems and such. 

A tight squeeze to fit everyone in
We agreed we wanted to arrive at the Quarterly early in the morning in case we had a chance to meet Glen before Pump, but we didn't arrive until 7:30 am. By the time we registered, signed waivers and made our way to the floor, we were three-fourths of the way to the back of the room. The platforms & bars were squeezed in so very close staggered slightly to allow room for the lunge track. 

My New Shirt!
We claimed a spot in the nose bleed seats, unloaded our bags in an aerobics room and then walked over to the expo. I was anxious to see what kind of goodies I could pick up. Just before leaving I received an email advertising a shirt they would have at the Quarterly saying "I Pumped with Glen". You know I was going to get one! The check out line was super long so Kelsey & I agreed we'd come back later to do some shopping. 
Glen welcoming everyone!

Finally, it was time to start Pump. Kelsey & I were debating which release Glen would be previewing. The music for 80 was playing the background which made us slightly nervous. I wanted to do something new, not the same old release I was already presenting to my classes!! Glen came out on the stage and welcomed everyone to Midwest Quarterly Release of Body Pump Eighty-----1!

I love the new music for BP81. And the moves? Ohhhh....lots of singles for the squat track. A new clean and press combination in the back track. Lots of pressure building up in the bicep track and more propulsion lunges. My class participants won't like that!

Bicep Track
As we moved into the abs & cool down track, Kelsey & I decided to bale and hit the expo again. I claimed my new shirt, and another as well as a few other "must haves". As I waited on Kelsey to finish checking out, I turned around to see Glen doing a meet and greet with the instructors. OH MY GOSH!!!! I couldn't get Kelsey through that line fast enough!

Kelsey, Glen & I 
We stood in line to meet Glen with our expo goodies in a bag holding yoga mats for our class participants back home while we giggled about fixing our make up. Finally we made it to the front of the line. 

What do you say to someone you admire without gushing and sounding like an idiot? Me? I said, "Glen, it's a pleasure to meet you." Yes, really impactful. Profound. We took a group picture, but we didn't like the cropping on the picture. So we got back in line like the little stalkers that we are. 

Kelsey & Glen
Glen & I 
We made our way back to the aerobics room to participate in Body Step & Body Combat. MMMMM I love Body Combat. If it weren't for IMLOU, I would be finishing my Body Combat video now and sending it in for assessment. Snif. Yes, I miss my Body Combat, but I also have to be realistic about my time management and realize that I will just need to attend training again next fall to complete my video. 

After gorging ourselves on pizza at Giordano's, we returned to Quarterly for CXWorx and Body Flow. All in all it was a wonderful day. A day full of inspiration and laughs...and some good old fashioned sweat. 

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