Monday, March 26, 2012

If it is important to you....

Need motivation? Don't look here. Now don't take that wrong. I'm a firm believer that motivation has to come from within. You have to want it. TRULY WANT IT. You have to want the good health enough to give up the crappy habit. 

I cannot make you do this. I can help you create a schedule. I can help you with your workouts. I can help you with your nutrition, but you have to do the work. 

When I set up my workouts, I use a monthly calendar and put my workouts down in writing. Due to Ironman Louisville, I actually have my workouts planned all the way through August 26th. I make changes each week as my family's schedule is revealed. 
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Now some of you may be surprised, but I do not love to swim, bike or run. I don't look forward to doing any of those activities. So why do I do it? Because I love the feeling when I am DONE. I love the feeling of accomplishment. I love knowing that I have done something good for my body. 

If you are getting started, my suggestion is to find something that you enjoy and do it MOST DAYS OF THE WEEK. Maybe you like to play tennis or volleyball. Maybe you don't like the impact of running and need to go out for a walk. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Go for a walk: Find a local trail to walk on if you need a change of scenery
  2. Go hiking: Starved Rock has fantastic trails.
  3. Go for a family bike ride.
  4. Find a ZUMBA class. The dance workout is FUN and yes, you can get a good workout. 
  5. Join a group fitness class at a local facility: Try a yoga class, kick boxing, or a boot camp class. 
  6. Ask a friend to play tennis or volleyball. 
If you would like to do a 5k, you have two options to ease into a 5k: 

If you need additional motivation, download podcasts onto your ipod and listen to them while you walk or even while you get ready for work in the morning. I love to listen to the following podcasts which you can download in iTunes or on Stitcher:
  1. Jillian Michaels
  2. Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy
  3. Get Fit Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips
  4. Another Mother Runner Radio
  5. The Nutrition Diva's Quick & Dirty Tips
  6. Anytime Health Radio
Surround yourself with motivating people who have similar goals as you. Look around you for motivation. People everywhere are working hard and accomplishing their goals. I rode my bike this weekend with a woman who has lost 120 pounds and is now training for an Ironman. SHE is an inspiration! People change their lives every day. All it takes is small steps. 

And then ask yourself: Why not me? 

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