Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5-Minute Hover Challenge

Have you ever hovered?
I mean really hovered....just inches off of the ground.

A hover is similar to a plank, but you are on your elbows....butt is low...no pikes and absolutely no arch. (If you are arching your back, please come to your knees.)

We started a 5-minute hover challenge at the fitness center last week after Body Flow class. Seven women in the middle of the fitness center, down on our elbows and toes trying to hold for 5 minutes. Well, let's just say I didn't make it, but we did have one person who did.

And then I brought the challenge home to Camo-Man and the kids. One of the things Camo-Man learned last week at physical therapy was that he needed to work on his core strength. So I issued "The Challenge". Hollywood and Camo-Man got down in position to compete against each other right away.

 Yes, this was definitely a victory for Hollywood as her daddy has a long way to go. Later when Diva Princess came inside after a long day of play, she took up the challenge as well; however, her form was not quite the best. The butt was a little too high in a pike.

 Princess did feel the burn though and dropped to her belly in exhaustion. A little dramatic maybe since I don't think she held it even 60 seconds.

The next challenge involved Hollywood and introducing her to the Lola, an ab exercise from Body Flow where you put your hands below your shoulders on the floor and try to lift your body off the floor. 
Let's just say there are some body mechanics that Hollywood needs to work on.....

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