Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Bubble Burst

There comes a time in your life when you set a goal and you know you are going to achieve it.
This is it. 

All of the starts are aligned and my motivation is high. It's been two years since I was diagnosed as PWD (person with diabetes). Two years since I lost 15 pounds. Two years.....of saying I will lose that final 10 week.

Why are the stars aligned?

  1. Baseball is over. I know this seems strange, but in my job as Director of Programs at our local park district this fun, kid friendly activity takes a lot of time. Let's say it again: Baseball is over!!!! I will no longer receive phone calls every evening or on weekends. I won't have parents screaming at me because the field wasn't ready or their kid didn't get to play. 
  2. The evening activities for my kids have come to a halt. No softball games (see #1). No swim meets. I can actually plan and MAKE a dinner for my family for the first time since April. Ugh. Has it been that long? 
  3. I'm teaching Group Fitness 5-6 days a week. At least 3 days of Body Pump. 2 days of Body Flow. My job does have some benefits! At least, the calorie burn is already somewhat built into my day.  
  4. Because of teaching group fitness, I have a built in group of women who will support me in my goals. I've discussed the idea of all of us working together and motivating each other toward our individual goals. I think this is going to be a great thing!
  5. I'll told the park district board that I am reducing my hours. In May & June, I worked close to 50 hours per week at my office job and then taught group fitness on top of that. Over the past few months, I've noticed my blood sugars slowly starting to rise. I don't know if that is because I've been eating out more and therefore eating more carbs? Or it it's the stress of working so much? Or if the disease is simply progressing in my body? I'm not sure why the change is happening, but I will do my best to reverse it. 
  6. I am going to Cancun in October. Whoot whoot! I like to put it this way. I am 42 years old and wearing a bikini is highly unlikely; however, I would like to at least feel like I could wear a bikini. Add the health benefits in and you'll see why I am so highly motivated. 
While I may be doing great at group fitness, I haven't been exercising and doing what I want to do. I haven't run since the Tremont Triathlon. I haven't been on my bike either.....and I certainly haven't swam. I oversee the managers at the pool, but I've only been in the water 3 times this summer to do lap swims before the triathlon. So pretty soon I'll be signing up for some fall races to get me going again. 

I started my mission yesterday. I started out the morning by meeting up with a friend at the fitness center and going for a light 2 mile run. Following a quick Redneck Bath, I joined another group of friends who went to the Farmer's Market on the riverfront. I've lived in this area for 15 years and this is the first time I've been there. It was fantastic!!!! Lots of fresh yummy vegetables, locally grown. It was all incredibly awesome and refreshing. 
I've also been working on motivating Sunshine. I had a God moment not too long ago where one of my class participants gave Sunshine a wonderful opportunity. I'll post more about that later. Part of her motivation is to ride her bike. So yesterday afternoon we took a ride...only to have her tire burst. Unbelievable!!! As you can see, Sunshine was quite upset about having to give up her ride with me. Actually, she was disappointed because she knows if she gets comfortable with the route she has a reward coming at the end. Note: The correct motivation is key!

After her tire burst and Camo-Man picked her and the bike up, I finished my ride going about 12 miles. Not bad for a lady who hasn't done cardio since June 25th!

I've started an online journal using Spark People. OK - re-activiated, but I am serious this time. I'm highly motivated. I leave for Cancun on October 2nd. I want to lose 10 pounds by then. That's 77 days. If I can't lose 10 pounds in 77 days, maybe I really should hang up all of my health & fitness knowledge and try to pack on the pounds to qualify for The Biggest Loser.

OK, maybe not.

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