Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Top of the World

There are few things in life that can make you feel like you can do anything. I, however, have found one. Body Pump. I know you are going to think I am crazy, but every time I teach the class I fall in love with it more....and I'm still teaching the first choreography.

About five years ago, I took a Body Pump class at a local gym. It was fun. I enjoyed it, but I was happy with my little collection to DVDs at home. Fast forward to 2010 when our local park district decided to lease a small gym in town and you will start to see me researching group fitness classes and the pros and cons. In October, I went to Body Flow training and surprised myself by truly enjoying it. I began teaching Body Flow in January and enjoyed the group exercise experience. I enjoy teaching others how to move their bodies and how to move them correctly.

Finally, in February one of my co-workers agreed to go to Body Pump training. We agreed on the April training in Northbrook, IL and started practicing together at 5:30 am every Monday, Wednesdays and Friday. We giggled and laughed and then struggled and pushed each other through our Body Pump 74 DVD three times a week for almost three months in order to prepare for our three day training. Whether we were ready or not, the time arrived for us to go to training.

Scared? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Afraid I wouldn't be able to move by Sunday afternoon? Oh hell yah. I was definitely not sure how I was going to survive pumping it up all weekend long... but I did. I was tired, sore and utterly exhausted, but I had fallen in love with an incredible program.

Fast forward to our launch of Body Pump 77. Tell me we aren't creative people. We launched BP on the deck of our outdoor pool and held a private pool party for our class participants and their families immediately after. We had 16 women and 1 man participate in the class. We were off and running!

I've been teaching the class for 6-7 weeks now. My classes are generally very full......we try to squeeze 11 participants into our tiny little studio room. I love to watch my class participants push themselves as they change their bodies.

Yesterday I taught Body Pump two times....once at 8:30 am and then again at 7 pm. I really thought by the 2nd class, I would be struggling to get through the class, but 7 pm came and I was ready to kick it to the next level. Is it the music? Is it the adrenaline? Is it just because I know I can finally fulfill my inner child and be the center of attention? Hahahaha, probably yes to all of them. I can't help it. I must be a masochist. I am slightly crazy, but I like to exercise and I love Body Pump.

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