Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Myth of the Plateau

I hear from people all of the time that they've hit a plateau in their weight loss. While that may be the case with some people, I can certainly say for me that I have not hit a plateau. Nope. Not me. I've been lazy. And unfortunately, I believe that is the probably with 90% of the people who claim to have hit a plateau.

The mythical plateau can come from many things. Not journaling your food. Not paying attention to the little nibbles throughout the day. Not working out enough - or hard enough. All of these things can lead to little or no weight loss.

Weight loss comes from a simple equation:

Calories In minus Calories burned

Plain and simple. So if you are stuck at a "weight loss plateau", start to re-evaluate where you are at and move forward from there. Here's an article from Spark People which might help jump start your metabolism once agin.

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