Monday, July 18, 2011

BG in the mornings

This is my concern. 

My morning blood glucose (BG) reading.

Two years ago it was around 110 normally.....
and that was alarming enough.

Now it tends to range from 130-146.


One of the things I've noticed is that my liver tends to dump glucose into my system when my stomach is empty. So now that I am watching what I eat more my stomach will be empty more often; however, that causes my BG to go up. Where is the logic in these complex systems which make up our bodies? 

We went out to lunch yesterday with Camo-Man's family. I ordered the Greekish salad with salmon which was delicious. The salad had olives, red onions, with a raspberry vinaigrette. However, back at the ranch I decided to have an ice cream cupcake to celebrate the July birthdays. Hmmmm. And no I didn't monitor my BG then. (shame shame)

After a day spent with the family, I intended to go for a run, but my co-worker is trying to complete her Body Pump video assessment before leaving on vacation Wednesday. So I did a light BP since I was teaching the class myself in the morning. 

Speaking of which - it's time to be off on my run to wake up to teach. I'm hoping to take another video today and really knock their socks off! Wish me luck!

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