Monday, October 18, 2010

Be Flexible!

The key to any plan is to BE FLEXIBLE! Life always seems to throw in a curve ball. So you must be ready to make the adjustment and move forward. Yesterday I planned on playing two matches of volleyball and getting a start on my swim workouts from Beginner Triathlete.


For some reason, volleyball was running behind and I didn't get done playing until 6:40 and the pool closes at 7 pm. Grrrr. Could I have gotten a quick swim in? Yah, but picture a sweaty body trying to wrangle itself into a swimming suit. Not a pretty picture. So, I had to be satisfied with the two hours of volleyball and save the swimming for Monday. 

I started my Monday morning off with a nice hearty breakfast of 1/3 cup of scrambled eggs & oatmeal followed by Body Flow- a yoga, Tai Chi, pilates class from Les Mills. Monday night I ran up to the fitness center and did some upper body strength training and then Camo-Man and I went for a swim. We did the first workout from Sara McLarty's Learning how to Swim article on Beginner Triathlete. For some reason, a simple 100 yard warm-up was killing me tonight. (Could it be because my arms were brought to the point of exhaustion thanks to the upper body strength training? Could it be because my erector spinae were fatigued due to the number of back bends I did today?)

Yes to all of the above, but I've really been focusing on bilateral breathing and I think that is why the swim seemed so difficult. The first 50 yards felt natural - until I discovered I was not taking in enough oxygen on my right side! I guess that is why we are in off season for swimming. It's time to work on the technique and hopefully improve my swim time. 

Tonight's swim workout:(You wouldn't believe how quickly 30 seconds goes by)

Workout #1  600 total
  • 100 warm up swim                  :60 seconds rest
  • 6 x 25 (2 kick, 2 pull, 2 swim)  with :30 seconds rest between each 25
  • 100 swim                                 :60 seconds rest
  • 6 x 25 (2 kick, 2 pull, 2 swim)  with :30 seconds rest between each 25
  • 100 cool down swim
I'm home from my workout and enjoying my glass of wine. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully, the day will start right with a normal blood sugar and then we can march forward from there....but as always I'll be ready to shift gears and accept what the day may bring. 

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