Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Searching for inspiration

With the Wine & Dine Half-Marathon now over, I have become a sloth. A piece of s@*t, lazy bum. It's partially my fault, partially work's fault, partially Camo-Man's fault and partially....ah, I'm just lazy.

I'm a goal oriented girl. I truly am. I like to have a deadline and work towards it. Now that my last race is complete for the fall, I'm becoming lazy and rather sloth-like. Not a person I really like. So, I am searching for inspiration.

My niece, Tiff, sister of Awesome Cheryl, has been inspired by Cheryl & I and our adventures in running. She's been working at it for a few weeks and now feels ready to sign up for some late fall races. BRING IT ON! So, of course, I've spent the evening looking at fall races, events and even some training plans. I love a plan! Have I mentioned that lately?

One of the programs we are developing at the park district is a winter cycling program. Participants can bring their bikes and trainers to the park district building and participate in winter rides every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for an hour each night for 17 weeks. 17 weeks! I plan on participating in that. I know I won't be able to attend every night, but even if I can't I can still follow the training plan on my own in my garage. BTW - have you heard how loud those trainers are? Now I understand why people do these in the garage. It's a better sound barrier. All I can say after this training program is that my cycling portion of the triathlon will be smoking next year! Certain people better be looking for me on the I pass them!

Dolphin Touch
On another note, I received an early birthday present from my in-laws. My mother-in-law purchased a Dolphin Touch for me! Can you say excitement???? The Dolphin Touch is basically an mp3 player for swimming. Normally, my dear, sweet MIL gets me something really useful like a purse. I often wonder "Does she really know my interests at all?" I know she is thinking she's doing something nice for me because I won't spend the money on those kinds of things, but really....a purse? Naw, that's not me. Luckily, the timing was perfect when I mentioned that I wanted a Dolphin Touch to Camo-Man. He was looking at them while working on my MIL's computer and she snagged the idea. Awesomeness! Now I have a new toy to learn how to work! I guess I have to be nice to the outlaws for a while. Bummer.

So I'm working on my training plan. I need to focus on my eating. I've become the pantry vacuum from 3-5 pm every afternoon this week. Sooo bad. Time to stop and get re-focused. Time to establish some new goals and get working on them. Time to really start counting calories. Grrrr.

Today's workout was a short one since Camo-Man is still out of town. I had 40 minutes at the fitness center. I warmed up and then did 8 speed intervals running for 30 seconds at incline 1, speed 8.0, resting 15 seconds in between. Then I moved on to squat press, bench press, dead lifts with clean & press and worked on my back bend. It was kind of depressing when Diva Princess laughed at me trying to push up in the back bend. She didn't really want to hear "When I was a kid, I could do this!" Heck, I'm her mom. I'm just old.

Stay tuned for a workout plan coming soon!

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  1. Great gift from your mother in law!!!! Camo man will want to borrow it!