Monday, January 11, 2010

This week's challenge

This week’s health & wellness challenge is on the track….

Or better yet, TRACK, TRACK, TRACK all of the food you put into your mouth.

Weight Watchers Magazine (Jan/Feb 2010 issue) has a great article about tracking your caloric intake:

1.    Go Ahead & Guess!   (Are they talking to me?) “By making a guess….you’ll stay in the habit of tracking honestly – and that’s the goal.”
2.   Track Backward. If you have a big social event, note a set number of points/calories for the big event and work your back to the start of your day. “By starting backward, you get the big picture of your day in mind as early as possible leaving yourself less room for veering off course.”
3.    Keep yourself honest. Track on days when you go over your points or calorie allowance. (Again, speaking my language!)
4.    Set a tracking goal.

So, that is the challenge for this week. Track your food intake for a week. Be honest. Write it down. Keep yourself accountable to this one aspect of your health and see what type of an impact it can make on your week.  

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