Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've been a bad, bad blogger and didn't even complete my own challenge. NOPE! I didn't write down all of my food for a week. Not on Not in a journal. Not on my blog. Just didn't get it done. Last week was crazy - as a lot of weeks are - except that I have now started coaching volleyball which is taking away some of my extra time. I'm still working my plan and preparing my food, but it's a lot of work!

Workout recap for last week:
M: 4.2 miles on treadmill, 1600 yards in pool (not continuous, but I set a goal and got it done)
T: cardio & upper body
W: 2.5 miles on treadmill (not a lot of time, but I got it in)
     weigh-in: stayed the same. No big surprise there
Th: rest day - planned on working out later in the day, but all plans procrastinated didn't get done
F: 4.62 miles OUTSIDE!!!!!!!
S: Herrin Circuit - more on that later
Su: 6.34 miles in 1:02.31 I impressed myself.
M: kids were in school due to a snow day. Home with the hubby. We went looking for bikes. Only exercise was 4 on 4 volleyball that night.
T: Treadmill intervals & back strength training

AND today is Wednesday....weigh in day: lost 1 pound which I am actually thrilled about considering that I went to 2 movies over the weekend and took in a ton of salt. I can give up pizza, but I'm not sure about the movie popcorn.

Gotta run and hit the treadmill!

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