Monday, February 1, 2010

Land of the Lost

I know you all think I dropped off the face of the Earth....and sometimes it feels like I have. BUT...I do not EVER give my pursuit of living a healthy, happy life. My workouts have been a little sketchy over the last week or two due to the overwhelming feeling that I am going to drown in this game called life. Workload - which is increasing at this time of year - coaching volleyball for 5th & 6th grade - two trips out of town back to back (one for my personal sanity and the other for work - but both good & very useful!). However, that is life. And I keep hearing the mantra of CMO (Chief Motivational Officer) Scott Smith "Stand Up. Take a Step. Repeat." And that is what I'm trying to do.

Before I left for the park district conference this last weekend, my dear husband said to me, "I want to lose 10 pounds before Spring Break." Now we are talking. Now it's a competition, but we had to find the right motivation. Jeff's motivation, which shall remain nameless, wasn't giving me quite the incentive. What works for me? Money. Because I have guilt when I spend money, honestly winning money in a face to face competition takes away the guilt. So here's the plan.

We will weigh in every Thursday morning. Why Thursday? Because that's the day Jeff finally decided to face the scale. Every Thursday whoever has the highest percentage of weigh loss wins $10. We'll weigh in every week until March 25th, which is the last Thursday before we leave for Daytona Beach....and who doesn't want to look good in a bathing suit on the beach in FL? On the 25th, the overall winner will receive $150. Of course, it all comes out of the same pocket, but it's a $150 to spend without GUILT!

So, who's in?????
Anyone want to join us in a little friendly weight loss competition????

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