Thursday, February 18, 2010

World's Worst Blogger Award!

OK, maybe I'm not the World's Worst Blogger because let's be honest. There are probably lots of bad bloggers out there. Unfortunately, I like to read the blogs of people who actually post what is going on in their lives - even if it is about their cat, Nippy, who ignores them when they come into the house. So, I'm still trying to get into a routine. To journal my plans, my successes and of course, my failures. So, here it goes.

Over the last two weeks, Jeff & I have each 1 week of our weight loss challenge. Last week, he lost 2.5 lbs. (??? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??) Actually, I can tell you what happened. He finally started exercising. I lost 1 lb which I still very happy with. I'm not expecting to drop a ton of weight each week. So, Jeff won week 2. $10 back to Jeff.

This week I felt those hormones start to kick in and holy cow! I was convinced there was no way I was going to lose anything. BUT lady luck was on my side. I lost 0.5 lbs and Jeff.....well, Jeff stayed the same. Aww..$10 back in my pocket. It's kind of funny though. We are just storing that $10 to hand back and forth each week. I'm sure next week I'll be giving it right back to Jeff. Of course, he said he's fine with this. He just wants to win the $150 at the end. Mmmmm. Does he NOT know me? Does he really think I am going to let him win like that? If we each lose 10 lbs, I WIN cause I weigh less than him!

I'm not a hare. I'm a tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race.

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